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Under Ron Paul presidency, Welfare programs Safe for those already Dependent

Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 12:00 am | Updated: 2:27 am, Wed Oct 12, 2011.

By Barry Snell, barry.snell@iowastatedaily.com

"[T]he message of freedom is important," was one of the first things Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said to me during my private interview with him on Sept. 27. Nicknamed by many as the "Modern Thomas Jefferson," he has spent more than two decades in Congress doing his best to adhere to the limitations placed on the federal government by the Constitution. But the congressman quickly dismisses any credit for his positions, insisting that he's just following the rules and the principles of the founders.

A licensed ob-gyn and former captain and flight surgeon in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, Dr. Paul is regarded as the most consistent voter in the House of Representatives. That sounds like it might be campaign nonsense, but many things stand out about Paul that lend credibility to the hype: He has never voted to raise taxes, for an unbalanced budget, to raise congressional pay and has never taken a government-paid junket.


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I think it is safe to say

that if those programs are "safe under a Paul presidency", then they will NEVER be dealt with. Because nobody else has the guts to tackle them.

Personally, I disagree with RP on this "saving entitlements" issue.
I think the cuts need to be evenly distributed all across the spectrum, or the partisan wrangling will be unmanageable.
The social spending is equally bad as any spending on military, if not worse.

I think RP has dealt himself a serious blow to his philosophy of "doing right", with this stance of his. Leaving entitlements in place is NOT "doing right".

If we get a 'opt out' option

If we get a 'opt out' option then the problem will solve itself. Well, that coupled with incentivizing older people to drop their welfare in exchange for a few acres of Federal land, which there is a lot of.

I agree with Ron Paul's strategy, but I respect where....

you are coming from. You have to tackle the biggest evil first, and that is the wars and occupation. I'm not big on the trust issue, as I watch Ronald Reagan time and again abandon the "social conservative" issues. However, get rid of the "big ticket" issues and Ron Paul should have the momentum to tackle the other issues. In many ways, the harm is done with Social Security and Medicare. Those programs will only disappear through attrition. Ron Paul has hinted at one of the methods of dealing with Medicare and that is "alternative medicine". Using alternative medicine instead of feeding "Big Pharma" can save the taxpayers hundreds of billions over the next decade.


If you missed part one, check it out. It was the best!!!

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