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Proposed: OWS & Ron Paul Demand Full Fed Audit Before Election

Congressman Ron Paul has always been able to create a coalition of disparate parties around shared ideals. He was quite an effective coalition builder last year when he had 319 Republicans, and 100 Democrats, co-sponsor his bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

That bill did not pass, and so today the Occupy America protests that began in New York three weeks ago don't have the information they need to understand exactly why everything has gone so terribly wrong. They should make transparency their top priority, and demand a full audit of the Fed.

Congressman Paul should immediately re-introduce the "Audit the Fed" legislation - amended to require a full audit before the 2012 election.

The attention the protests are getting presents an opportunity to explain to the nation the cause of the frustration that is being expressed. Of course the great news is that Ron Paul has a better way.

Paul can use this opportunity to explain that this is what Keynesian economics looks like in practice, and that adopting the Austrian school of economic theory would put us on the road to recovery. His prophetic warnings have given him credibility that no other candidate can touch.

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