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Post Debate Poll Herman Cain currently leading

Here is a post debate poll that Herman Cain is currently winning:


At this time, Herman Cain has 72% to Ron Paul's 12%.

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Paul 59%, Cain 32%

Ron Paul 1399 votes, 59%
Herman Cain 755 votes, 32%
Newt Gingrich 95 votes, 4%
Mitt Romney 80 votes, 3%
Rick Perry 11 votes, 1%
Jon Huntsman 6 votes, 0%
Michele Bachmann 5 votes, 0%
Rick Santorum 4 votes, 0%

2355 total votes

Ron Paul winning by 59 % on Post Bloomberg Debate

Just checked as of 10/13/11 and this poll now shows Ron Paul leading 59% to Cain's 32%




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— G.K. Chesterton