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Let's start non-official Ron Paul offices in cities that the campaign has not established..

I am trying to find any help from other Ron Paul supporters in locating a Ron Paul office in New Mexico. Specifically Albuquerque but I know that Obama had 33 offices in this state alone, one for each county. I believe that we should create offices for meeting and distributing literature, bumper stickers and the like in cities that the official Ron Paul campaign has not gotten to yet. When they get their, let them take over the office or shut it down. Donations and volunteer coordination could make these work very well at organizing for the primaries and for the general election. It would be a great way to get people together and spread the message of liberty, peace and prosperity.

Let me know if you have space in New Mexico or know a Dr. Paul supporter who does please.

Burly Cain

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I'm from New Mexico but I

I'm from New Mexico but I don't have space.

This is incredibly effective

Last election, in Kansas City, a local businessman donated an office space. a "Ron Paul Grassroots Headquarters" (no need to get permission - it is volunteer space). We pooled money to pay for phone and internet service. It was a great place to get together every day and collect the latest ideas for literature and was basically a call center. We had volunteers come in whenever they could, we provided the script, and we made hundreds of phone calls. We had signs in the windows and people coming buy would stop in and get literature, etc... Plus it was a place to relate to like-minded people. There were several of us that literally were there every day, myself after work and others during the day, etc...

After the primary was over on Super Tuesday, it bacame a place for Roberts Rules classes, public-speaking sessions and a call-center to get Ron Paul supporters to go to the County Caucus. It worked too, we took over the County Caucus and the District Convention and got 3 national delegates to the RNC.

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We did that in Grand Rapids Mi

For the last election. Our meet up group had 3 locations in business district buildings with out side custom painted signs. At my location, just as we tightened the last bolt in place for the 4'x8' "Ron Paul Campaign Center" sign, people started pulling in for yard signs, literature, and bumper stickers. We gave out hundreds of yard signs, as we ran out of the official campaign signs the volunteers were hand painting signs in their garages at night for the next day. I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Why not join a Meet up?

You could have an official Ron Paul Meet-Up Headquarters, that's where I would start.

inspired idea

but we would need to find out if there are any regulations against it, or problems in transitioning from volunteer to official campaign, if that came up. Doesn't seem there should be, but it seems that usually it's more accurate to assume at the outset that obstacles have been put in place for us. I'm not in NM, either, but I would help with this in North Carolina. Don't have space in NC, but might have contacts that could help find some.

Quartzsite AZ checking in!

Quartzsite AZ checking in!

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not in NM but wanted to bump this topic