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The Suicide of Liberty: The Transformation of the US into a Police State Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
October 13, 2011

Pat Buchanan’s latest book, Suicide of a Superpower, raises the question whether America will survive to 2025. The question might strike some readers as unduly pessimistic and others as optimistic. It is unclear whether the US, as we have known it, will survive its next presidential election.

How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.Consider the candidates. Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley, who was likely to have been an early Obama supporter, now wonders if Obama is “the most disastrous president in our history.” Despite Obama’s failure, the Republicans can’t come up with anyone any better. One Republican candidate admires Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman who gave us financial deregulation and the financial crisis. Another is ready for a preemptive strike on Iran. Yet another thinks the Soviet Union is a grave threat to the United States. None of these clueless dopes are capable of presiding over a government.Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the “superpower” is over-extended financially and militarily. The US is currently involved in six conflicts with Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Pakistan on the waiting list for full fledged military attacks and perhaps invasions. Russia is being encircled with missile bases, and war plans are being drawn up for China.Where is the money going to come from when the country’s debt is bursting at the seams, the economy is in decline, and unemployment on the rise?

Washington thinks that the money can simply be printed. However, enough has already been printed that the rest of the world is already suspicious of the dollar and its role as reserve currency.

As John Williams has said, the world could begin dumping dollar assets at any time.

I don’t think we can dismiss Buchanan’s concern as pessimistic.

Buchanan documents his concern across a wide front. For example, the combination of mass immigration and its consequent demographics together with the “diversity cult” means the end of “white America” and the transformation of what once was the dominant population into a disadvantaged underclass.


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Ron Paul is a physician and

Ron Paul is a physician and twelve-term congressman from Texas, and his third presidential run.

Buchanan documents his

Buchanan documents his concern across a wide front. For example, the combination

War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is responsible for establishing, sustaining and developing a national police state that has been so sucessful, it is becomming international law under the UN.

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The will to protest the destruction of liberty is a rare virtue


(as Dr. PC Roberts writes)
"The transformation of the US into a police state has been achieved quickly and with scant protest. Congress and the courts are silent. The media is silent, as are the law schools and bar associations. Out of 535 US Senators and Representatives, only Ron Paul has protested the destruction of liberty."

sad but true

sad but true

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The fact is

that the US gov't is engaged in the purposeful destruction of the nation, and it's doing it as a seque' into the New World Order Government.
They know what they are doing, and they are willingly doing it. It's treason of the highest order.
They aren't "stupid", they are EVIL.

That's a good summary.

I would add that Americans share in the blame, for allowing ourselves to be strung along into this mess, and for all the ways we have failed to preserve liberty and virtue.

I wonder how long

before we say enough? I for one have to work hard to contain my anger, disgust, and, outrage, to avoid the thought of participating in a changing of the guard without the ballot box. I only hope Dr. Paul can win and restore some sanity, because I don't believe any one else will except through the force of the people.