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Steer Clear of Herman Cain

Steer Clear of Herman Cain

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Herman Cain is a big government theocon who has done a good job of convincing people he is anything but. He is charismatic and likeable, I'll give him that, but his message is silly. He'll have to deviate from his 9-9-9 mantra soon, the broken-record nature of it will lessen his appeal. When he does, he will make himself look like a dolt like he did over the summer. If he does get the nomination, it's another 4 years of Obama. His muslim bigotry and radical views on abortion will bring the Obama flock back. It's a shame that Dr. Paul would do better in the general election than in his own primaries... Ron Paul would pick up a lot of Inds. and Dems. (I know several people who voted for Obama last time who really wanted to vote for Paul)... I have to wonder why so many states are trying to move thier primaries up.. I'm sure campaign dollars have something to do with it, but also, the longer cycles tend to weed out the empty emotional candidates and the more pure and intellectual candidates remain. There's a lot of emotion around Cain right now.

I couldn't agree more with

I couldn't agree more with most of your outlook. Although, he makes a good salesman at the 9.99 entry point. Bahaha.
I could use more quality comments on the site, feel free to poke around Roddy.
God bless

Glad you are here, too..that

Glad you are here, too..that was nice article, clear and documented. Enjoyed it.

That's my site! Thanks for

That's my site! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad I found dailypaul. Looks like we are fighting for similar causes.
God Bless

Your welcome!

Like the site!!!BUMP!!!