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Hardball with Chris Matthews - They may go back to Ron Paul!!

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She's right!!!!

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What A Bunch Of Incoherent Bullshi$...WTF Was That All About?

Crap in crap out...Its all horse crap

Wrong... you can predict...

... what kind of a President Ron Paul would be based on his 100% Constitutional voting record. How stupid are these people?

Plano TX

Totally agree!

the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the voting record)

Is it just me...

Or does anyone else find Chris Matthews to be unintelligible? Between his garbled words and dead-end sentences, it's almost impossible for me to follow along with what he's saying. How did this guy get his own TV show?

- Liberty and Prosperity -

but of course...

well it seems youve been a dper for a few weeks now, its about time you experienced these feelings. the more truth you learn the more unintelligent the MSM becomes. he and every other talking head (excluding the judge) are in fact unintelligible, this is why they are on the air, they cater to a certain demographic and cognitive level.
its kinda like rowdy roddy piper when he puts on the sunglasses in "They Live"

The Republican establishment doesn't care about healthcare

as an issue, so long as it's "their" version of federally mandated healthcare.

Obamacare = bad
Romneycare = good

Therefore, it's not a deal breaker to the republican machine.

Remember, two wings of the same bird of prey.


Romneycare? Who cares?

I am compelled to suggest that focusing on Romneycare as Romney's supposed Achilles heel is a big mistake. The American people certainly do wish there was a solution to providing universal health care, especially since many are losing their jobs. Trying to provide this is a noble venture. Unfortunately we know that federal government is not the answer. States, however, should have the power to do this, so suggesting state action is wrong is actually a huge contradiction in my opinion. Let the states find some solutions, for goodness sake! Romney's disqualifications are his long family history of establishmentarianism and his love of war. He has a long family history of favors to pay back and he is an absolute CORPORATIST. Not to mention he's an open warmonger, even offering aggressive talk against China now. Forget about Romneycare!

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i care !

romneycare or obamacare is socialized medicine no matter who imposes it. it is a mandate. it is neither the federal government's nor state government's job to tell us what to do, or what to buy!! right now we are focusing on the republican primary election. obama is not popular with republicans. we can emphasize other issues when it is time for the general election. from your comment, it's seems you lack faith in the free market, and think we need government to force us to do things. i suggest you trust the free market and reject the nanny state.


"States, however, should have

"States, however, should have the power to do this, so suggesting state action is wrong is actually a huge contradiction in my opinion."

It's preferable that the "power to do this" is at the state level as opposed to the federal level, sure.

But ideally, no, neither states nor the federal government should have the power to implement socialized health care.

exaclty right !

this idea that the state government can impose and mandate anything and everything on us is dangerous. either way, it's the use of force to deny us our right to make this personal decision ourselves. a mandate of any kind suggests that those in government are our overlords, and we are their "subjects". this is unamerican, and i will always stand against it.


Well said..

I'm more concerned with his ringing endorsement of TARP.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

Romney wanted to make healthcare federal when he

was running in 08 and suggested that in his book. This is the problem. Nobody's against a state doing it.


I would hope we all are as much against a state doing it as a federal govt.

socialism is socialism, it's preferable it happens on no level of government.

The elephant in the room

In all of their comments about Romney being the candidate to go up against Obama, isn't it strange that Romneycare is not mentioned as the biggest threat to his being elected? As we all know, Obamacare is very unpopular and the same people who crafted Romney Care during his governorship of MASS were major players in Obamacare. DP'ers, do whatever you can to educate people as to these faux candidates. Dr. Ron Paul is the only viable candidate to demolish Obama in the next election. I receive many, many calls from Republican orgs. looking for donations - I always educate them about Dr. Paul, and I always finish the conversation telling them that I support candidates directly and will NEVER donate $1.00 to any organization that does not consider Dr. Paul as an electable candidate.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

I dont think that

people "go back" to Ron Paul. Once the light goes off and you get on board with Dr.Paul's message, you dont go try some Caine for a while, or a little Romney and then go back to Paul...once the Doc has you, he has you.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

This is completely true.

This is completely true. Back in May, I wasn't sure who to support, since they all looked lousy and had no conviction.

I thought Cain maybe since he made the debates interesting. I thought Ron Paul was a kook at the time, but I never actually listened well to his foreign policy positions. When I read that he gets the most donations from the troops, that's when I started listening. Turns out Paul is the most sensible politician I've seen in my lifetime.

I agree completely

I just think it's cool that he got mentioned at a serious contender on Chris Matthew's show.

Los Angeles, California