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What Have They Done with Ron Paul?

By William A. Collins | East Texas Review

Campaigns face
A lot of stress;
When ignored
By all the press.

You may have heard of Ron Paul. He’s a popular Republican candidate for president who just won the Values Voter Summit’s straw poll. He’s done well in other polling too, generally holding onto third place as the frontrunners come and go. And he raised an impressive $8 million in the third quarter of this year.

On the other hand, you may not have heard of Ron Paul. That’s because the mainstream corporate media mostly blacks him out. No matter how well he might perform in the polls or at fundraising, he’s largely a non-person in the press.


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What a dumb ass...!!! :-)

What a dumb ass...!!! :-)

This guy is clueless. This

This guy is clueless. This is what he wrote:

This media blackout is apparently not due to any bizarre social policy beliefs that separate him from the other GOP candidates. Like the rest of them, the Texas Republican supports legislation that would demean women, African Americans, Latinos, and the poor. He’d also like to slash new holes in our already frayed social safety net.

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The arena is the key

And by arena I mean the political level. (world-wide, nation, state, county, city, neighborhood, family.) Does anyone think anarchism in a family would work well or that communism world-wide would fare any chance of success? Ron Paul is preaching libertarianism at the national level because it's what our country was founded on and it has been proven to work well. Democracy works at the state and lower levels, socialism is probably the most practical system in families.

Dont worry about being ignored

Just get off your butt and go to a phone bank, become a delegate, donate to the campaign, wave a sign do something productive. Hell its even a good point to make when you're talking to a potential voter in an early primary state. "They really dont want this guy elected, look at how they ignored him after he basically tied for first in the Iowa straw poll". There is so much good that comes from his message that it should be an easy sell to everyone. If you talk some sense into people, have your facts straight when faced with questions we should be able to turn a good percentage of these voters. Remember NH #1 issue last campaign was ending the war, then they voted for McCain. I bet it will be a big issue this time as well, along with balancing the budget and cutting into the national debt(which are all tied together) and are some of Pauls strongest policy points and the most relevant in a republican primary.


We all know the following:

First, all the Dem/Repub campaigning is ONLY about ONE thing---how to eliminate Ron Paul from the Media as much as possible & how to get rid of his pending threat to our control. The POWER ELITES don't care who "wins", just get rid of their enemy please! The campaigns are about nothing else really. Big Media should know this, but I wonder if some of them have just brainwashed themselves so much, just so they can justify keeping their million dollar jobs.

RON PAUL is the NUMBER ONE PUBLIC ENEMY (that is, of the "State").

I have been posting everywhere in hopes Dr. Paul will do the ONE THING that may turn this campaign & the Republican party on its head. To begin IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against Obama. I want Dr. Paul to be THE ONE who starts this process.

The risk? Being accused of not being a patriotic American. The payoff? Indeed, it's worth the risk.

If Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination, Obama will win. RON PAUL has to do something NOW to stop the out-of-control power elites. He has to stir the proverbial pot!


The media circus continues on with story after story about the GOP Frontrunners, Romney, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, etc. etc.! The media WILL pick the GOP Nominee, because the sheeple will follow WHOEVER the media tells them to! We need a NEW Herder of the People, to show them what they have LOST & what they CAN have with the right leadership! The WHOLE GOP Field (NOT Ron Paul) is a complete JOKE!

The People are with Ron Paul & the Elite/Corporations are with the rest! Corporations DO NOT Rally with signs, DON'T Vote in POLLS, DON'T post videos about their Candidates, THEY JUST GIVE $$$ & Control the Media! Ron Paul DOES NOT have the Corporations, Media OR the Sheeple behind him, THEREFOR, he must ATTACK the GOP Field & I DO NOT care about what Reagan said about doing this, these days CALL FOR IT!

Ron Paul MUST go DIRECTLY to the People with his message, his advertising, his videos & I believe that he should consider NOT attending any further DEBATES! These debates are watched by the SHEEPLE & Stepping out of them will send a REAL Message to the SHEEPLE, GOP & his supporters! RON - Take It To The People Directly, YOU have the money, YOU have your supporters and NOW is the TIME to TOUR AMERICA & STAND WITH THE PEOPLE, bypass the MEDIA & THESE DEBATE JOKES! With hundreds of videos out there that tell the truth - TAKE THESE 2 the PEOPLE Directly, without the truth, the SHEEPLE will follow the MEDIA/GOP & CORPORATIONS into the ABYSS!

With ALL the EXPERTS I see working with the PAUL Campaign, I do not understand what the hell they are doing with this passive approach to winning! This whole thing is so much bigger than most of us realize & RON PAUL CAN change things, BUT NOT WITHOUT the PEOPLE! RON PAUL, PLEASE drop dimes, whisleblow, shatter the deception, bypass the media, bypass the GOP & GO TO THE PEOPLE!

Thank You!

He almost wrote a really good

He almost wrote a really good article. Only about 3 or 4 really inane sentences to fix.

send him a polite email

with suggested fixes. tell him you don't want credit for it, you just want ron paul to get his message out.

Reporters that frequent the media whorehouse, easy to spot.

Acting like a Greek Chorus they repeat the lines the MSM have written, foregoing the establishment of serious reporting based on evidence and reliable testimony.

As the media takes pay from candidates working to establish their Brand name with the American voters, one candidate has no Brand for the media to sell.

A Patron of Liberty, Dr. Paul defies the enslavement of branding and the celebrity machine.

Free includes debt-free!

we are stubborn to the truth

"As the media takes pay from candidates working to establish their Brand name with the American voters, one candidate has no Brand for the media to sell."

This is the truth! The media takes pay. Journalists take perks. But do you think you can get this through the many thick skulls within the grassroots? No, they are hell bent in taking on billion dollar info-tainment giants, waging boycotts and e-mail flooding - instead of using the very concept that we champion daily, the free market, in order to strike at the root and undermine the boardrooms of the info-tainment media.

Who is the leading source of national and world news in this country? Largely it is the AP. Who is the AP? Mostly grunt writers and photographers who pound the pavement to get paid peanuts for the work they submit.

Starving artist applies to writers and photographers as any other artist. They have families and bills to pay too. Never underestimate the impact a steak dinner and a few drinks can have on a writers story. "Imagine what a good nights sleep in a holiday inn express can do for you" lol. Flip the bill and the press will travel with you anywhere you want to go. The campaign could provide these things, it just can't give them monetary compensation. But... you and I are not the campaign are we? We're the grassroots. We drop oz's of silver on people all the time. A 20 dolla hand-shake is what moves mountains, not boycotts.

A downtrodden people buy propaganda preaching their greatness

They are hungry for those that will recognize their intellect which to often hides behind a fatal world view.

Free includes debt-free!

Quality products are not free

You get what you pay for.

They prefer cash. It's less messy.

And the point is?

I'm not sure why this is posted here. Not complaining, just questioning. It's clearly not a favorable piece, maybe it could have been posted in a forum for information purposes. Many people come here looking for Ron Paul info that are not yet Ron Paul supporters. It's just an opinion, but maybe we should try to keep the front page stuff a little more upbeat, not to mention fact based.

I think we might have slammed their server

Because I've tried a dozen times, unable to connect!

There is this respect of persons protocol that permeates the press, causing all those too small and too weak to speak their minds to thus further dull their consciences.

Only a few media men and women of conscience rise above such stifling pressure and plainly offer sound reasons for seeing Ron Paul, and thereby ourselves, better than what the corrupt media gatekeepers say, or as in the case for Paul's campaign newsworthiness, don't say about Us.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

I think DP has crashed the site


Yep it definitely overheated

Yep it definitely overheated

Ron Paul will win it all!!

I was having the same

I was having the same problem. You can still read it through google though. If anyone needs the link:


Well, That Was Interesting

What a coward.

Hit and run. I dare him to name anything Ron Paul has ever done to "demean women."

The rest was spot on.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

reedr3v's picture

Or any of the other groups he names, the liar

. Hit and run is right, he implies he's above the rest of the baying pack but clearly gets his biased views from the mainstream media.


Well, except for that sentence, it seems to be a fair assessment.

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi


proceedings against Obama, period. This would bring the attention we need The fix is in for Romney, besides. No wonder Romney was smiling when Ron confronted Cain at the debate. No wonder.

IMPEACHMENT is the correct thing to do. Besides, Ron won't be in office after his term is up.

It's a RISK.

But, it's worth it, in my estimation, even though the 2 headed monsters will attack him for being unpatriotic.