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FLASH !! Alex Jones : Key Pentagon Sources Say Israel Will Attack Iran Within 2 Weeks

FLASH !! Alex Jones : Key Pentagon Sources Say Israel Will Attack Iran Within 2 Weeks

The Obama administration’s fabricated terror plot blamed on Iran represents the green light for an Israeli attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks, according to confidential military sources who spoke with Alex Jones.

BREAKING NEWS - Alex Jones says Pentagon sources say "War in Iran Imminent" within 2 weeks. Israel to attack Iran within 2 weeks says Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer and Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Logistical support is in place for attack.

As a cover for Fast & Furious, and President Obamas plunging poll numbers the Obama administration has readied and coordinated a planned attack on Iran by Israel within the next 2 weeks.

Update : We are on the verge of WW3. Dr. Steve Pieczenik has confirmed multiply sources say there is is a 'green light'. Yesterday, Colonel Anthony Shaffer informed Judge Andrew Napolitano last night on 'Freedom Watch' that FBI sources said something really big was brewing. Israel stated it wanted to go in right away. Pieczenik continued by stating If the Iranians close the Straits of Hormus, the United States will intervene. Several months ago, the Israelis were supplied 'Bunker Busters and missiles in preparation for the big event.

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He and his guests have made the same

claim over and over and over throughout the years "Israel will attack in 2 weeks"... "Exclusive inside information on Israel's plans for Iran"...

As always, he has the "documents" to prove it LOL

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Well when the 2 weeks passes by..

And nothing happens then can we stop with these posts? Wait nvm i had to check the date on the post..... Lol

Oh no! Not another war!

....oh, wait. It's Alex Jones. Phew! And for a second I actually thought it was someone worth listening to.

Anyone who thinks Jones' "sources" in government haven't already been compromised is just naive.

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"Threatened wars never occur..."

A quote from the movie "Things to Come" by H.G. Wells, 1936.

Indeed, it's the ones NOT predicted that we should discuss.

ron paul..where are you now

when ron paul would appear on alex jones I cringed.. the majority of well informed voters who are open minded will dismiss aj before taking him seriously.. voters do not elect or embrace a candidate based on hyperbole or the arcane..its still in the backyard and the tangible.. they do not bother with aj..thus my distress ..ron did not advance the cause by appearing on aj ..


when the US struck Iraq years ago was there advance warning from any one within 2 weeks of the attack ..it just doesn't happen that often .. Israel has been going to strike Iran in 2 weeks for 10 years .. did we miss the action .. ???

alex J ...0........

the man may be well intentioned but his believability is 0 as is the person's who claims a missile hit the factory in texas.. these bizarre assertions do no good for exchanges of ideas ..

Still didn't happen

It is one thing to claim something without evidence. It is another to claim to have evidence to back up a claim, when you don't

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

This was posted 10/13/2011

This is a very old post, and I'm pretty sure Israel did not attack Iran anytime after it was posted.

It's pretty safe to say, this prediction was dead wrong.

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Alex Jones is so full with shit, even a broken clock tells me the time right twice per day

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

wont happen in 2 weeks...

its been exposed. they will attack in 15 days.

When did stuxnet happen?

I can't remember.

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very lazy

June, 2010

Lazy indeed

I was thinking they were about coincidental. Not quite. Looks like Stuxnet broke in 2010, but had been going on for years before.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


How about the possibility ...

... that it did not happen BECAUSE it was exposed?

Or the U.S. got cold feet...

...when Iran proved it could capture our aircraft intact.

So are you a DIYCSI er? I

So are you a DIYCSI er?

I prefer to use the anagram ISY DIC (pronounced icy dick)

your comment

is unintelligible.

Its the new term for a

Its the new term for a conspiracy theorist. Do It Yourself Crime Scene Investigator. Can't believe you haven't seen it yet. A guy called michaelwiseguy has been spamming it all over the forums for 24 hours :-D

Listen man, now I'll be serious. Do you really think a story on a relatively insignificant conspiracy website would stop them. The whole world including India and China and even Russia were against the Iraq invasion. Didn't atop them did it?

You sound quite sensible so I don't know why you would not accept the far more plausible scenario that A. Jones got it wrong as he often does.

Sorry for offending because your replies without exception have been polite.

Of course he got it wrong.

What you can't measure is the effects of his relentless attempts to expose corruption. He reaches several million people and its growing. He's very abrasive, but someone needs to be. the point is he impinges. Right now he only needs to create awareness, and despite the complaints, for example on his Piers Morgan rant, he got positive attention for a key issue.

Let's presume for a moment that he did have credible sources. If he does nothing, he is irresponsible. If he says something, the effects cannot be measured. He obviously sees this and still has the balls to stick his neck out, and he does.

It took Ron Paul decades to get peoples' awareness up but it means we have a chance now that we would not otherwise have had.

We like to look for "saviours" but they are extremely rare. Probably Ghandi and Mandela started off with an audience of one. More importantly, however many times AJ is wrong, he is creating not only an awareness but an umbrella under which others can speak out -- and who knows what twists of fate could produce stellar future figures that would just be quiet if not for that.

AJ may be a good leader for some and a terrible one to others. What is clear is his courage. These times need courage. Someone who will go head-to-head and toe-to-toe with the media and gain ground is a phenomenon.

As for Iraq, the salient difference is that the bulk of the pressure was external. AJ is an internal force. The PTB are still somewhat dependent on creating internal consensus for their actions because of a partial dependency on the electorate (however much opposition they overcome with cheating).

When you have such overwhelming resources stacked against you, one might do well to evaluate every resource you have and do a thorough evaluation of its NET effect in deciding whether to attack, tolerate, or assist any one of them.

The reason I couldn't quite make sense of the acronym is that CSI is a detail thing, while I was talking broad principles. But I get your drift now, thanks :)

Yes! Alex Jones, the tinfoil

Yes! Alex Jones, the tinfoil hat wewring nutjob prevented world war 3!!!

Or by anyone ...

... who has enough listenership.

Have you ever taken the trouble to look at his depth of documentation and resources? Obviously not. All you can do is make whiney insults.

Are you stupid enough to think that his exposure of corruption has no effect on prevention of oppression or are you opposed to the principle of that; or somewhere in between.

Your listenership, is unfortunately quite limited, unless your positioning in the scale I mentioned makes you one of a mob who dislikes exposure.

In any case. Over and out. I claim my Dilbert rights on this. So post away.


Everything that Alex Jones has said about the governments would've happened if he did not say it! God bless Alex Jones, our savior!

Yeah... Going by that logic..

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

you aregue like an old wife.

You take a statement and twist it so you have an implied strawman.

Boy, this prediction was

Boy, this prediction was accurate, pfft.

rpscallion's picture

Post from 10-13-2011?

Who won? Sources weren't too great I take it?

WE did. Humanity, I mean.

WE did. Humanity, I mean. The Bilderberger scum who determined in the summer of 2011 that WWIII should commence by the end of October 2011 at the latest had every intention that Libya should succumb to the Arab spring revolt by July and Assad's Syria should fall by the end of August. From October, a wholesale bombardment of Iran was to be the keystone among several battlefields stretching from the Atlantic to the Himilayas, a "reorganization of the world's poles" as it were.

Naturally, contrary to the Bilderberger scum's resolutions, Qaddafi refused to die without a fight, and threw off the timetable. And, as we see, Assads is still fighting and resurgent, while the al-Qaeda agents funded by the Bilderberger scum's main puppet Barack Hussein are losing more and more of their territory and fighting men.

But don't worry. WWIII is a popular concept among the elites. Perhaps THIS summer will finally see some thermonuclear extinctions of entire peoples. Who knows...!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"