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Herman Cain: Another Establishment Hack (Video/Audio)

A Summary of Audio/Video put together by JT at the Podcast. At the link, you can connect directly to the videos (some audio). Enjoy!


(0:00) The Trouble with Herman Cain- Tom Woods considers the shortcomings of the GOP presidential candidate and supposed "Tea Party favorite." Video compliments of YouTube User: TomWoodsTV. (6/15)

(4:37) Jerry Doyle Explains how Herman Cain has Sold Out to Wall Street (and the Fed) and why other conservatives shouldn’t be so quick to judge the Occupy Wall Street protests. Audio via TalkRadioNetwork. (10/6)

(17:53) Building the Truth about the Federal Reserve (Paul vs Cain). Exchange from the Bloomberg debate, Cain's previous statements. Video compliments of YouTube User: christianmalazarte. (10/12)

(21:49) Tom Woods proposes a tough question for Herman Cain, who failed to make note of a housing bubble or indeed any problems with the economy as late as September 1, 2008. Video by YouTube User: TomWoodsTV.

(23:56) Alex Jones recaps Herman Cain, yet another supposed GOP frontrunner, and his outright lies at the debate. Infowars Nightly News (subscription Only).

(40:12) Herman Cain: Federal Reserve Audit Unnecessary. Raw audio from the Neal Boortz Show, December 29, 2010. Video compliments of YouTube User: ronpaul.

(41:07) Who Won the GOP debate? Campaign Manager Jesse Benton lays it out. Video compliments of Hampton-NorthHamptonPatch. (10/11)

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Great! Thanks for the post...

Great! Thanks for the post...

thanks for posting...

as always!

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always amazing at the coverage you find. keep it coming!