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Love-fest for Herman Cain grows as his supporters support the FED

Fox's article has over 8000 posts with most supporting Cain.


I thought the FED issue should put huge crush on his campaign. However, his supporters seem to be just like Cain, they actually support the FED. When I try to post there I get a ton of responses saying "only crackpots care about the FED".
Is this what we are up against? What will wake this people up?

I think we need to get our message out more on Cain's articles. Need to interject facts and not let the misinformation go unchallenged.

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Have you had sex with Herman Cain?

Have you had sex with Herman Cain?

If so, please contact 1-800-SEX-999X

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


Shred The Fed and throw Herman Cain in with it!

Leave Cain alone

as the other candidates and media are now going to turn his 9 freaking 9 freaking 9 into Bachman's 666. Let thme get the knives out and do the dirty work.

Let Cain supporters profess their support of the Fed and Alan Greenspan (thank God I wasn't drinking when he said that.) Don't think you were the only one's who gasped that night... so did just about everyone else watching except the Cainites.

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So we've gone from "McInsane"

So we've gone from "McInsane" aka McCain in the last election to just plain "Insane" with Cain... interesting. Another loser marketed to the mouth breathers as the next savior of the nation.

People that do not understand money

People that do not understand money or the monetary system, never had it and never will. It is a concept that is foreign to them.

It is something they have never had to think about, plan for, work to keep once they had it, and risk it all to make more. They are not exhilarated or depressed by money. It is for others to worry about. So they don't care about the Federal Reserve. In fact, they are in awe of it.

Just keep them safe, numb, and mindless. The understanding of money only comes from having to manage it. The lack of understanding of money comes from always just giving it to someone else.

The goal of the neocon politician and money changer is that they will always be the willing recipient from their neglected masses. The goal of the masses is to have no goal at all.

this will feel icky but most

this will feel icky but most cain supporters are beck disciples. Just direct them to the youtube video of beck calling the fed an evil cancer. Then go shower.

Cain reminds me

of a snake oil salesman selling his 9 9 9 elixir to the unsuspecting and gullible masses

It's like someone told him, "Just stick to 999 and deny anything

anyone says you said or did. Trust me, they're very dumb. They'll eat it up."
Maybe Dr Paul should dumb it down now that the thinking folk have chosen him. We could advertise it all over and nobody would ever remember or even care if the slogan and plan is simple enough.
"USA, Jobs, jobs, babies"

I realize you're joking about

I realize you're joking about Ron Paul dumbing it down, but I think he should.

The average American could care less about Keynesian vs Austrian economics. What they care about is a job, food on the table and a roof over their head. And their children s future.

While most Ron Paul supporters understand what he says, many Americans don't.

Just my opinion for what it's worth.

I was only half joking

I sat here pondering how he could do it for a while. I know it could work if he could really boil down his core message. It still saddens me to even suggest such a thing.
I was not joking about being able to tell all his supporters in advance that he plans to dumb-down his answers and explanations and the people he's going after will never see it, never remember it if they did and won't bother looking it up if they hear about it.
U-S-A, jobs, jobs, babies!

Perhaps when the market

Perhaps when the market crashes "again" and the FED comes in with billions of taxpayer money to bail out the banks again. I find it frustrating as well that people just don't get it.

it's just pathetic...

Cain is a dream president for the Fed.

"Fed secrecy is a red herring it serves to distract so the special interests that benefit from the Fed policy never become known" -- Ron Paul

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Herman Cain has reminded me how stupid Americans are

"999", "jobs, jobs, jobs"
and the crowd goes nuts.
It's just a few degrees smarter than those who cling to the official 9-11 story, but not many.
We live in a nation of dumbed-down sheeple. It would be funny if I didn't live here.

Would Cain be an improvement over Obama?


Would he be an improvement over Romney? Meh.

Over Ron? Well, I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that one.

I think its Parody time!!

Someone should make a Parody out of this situation! Parodies goes viral. We need to really get into these peoples mind and maybe they can understand how rediculous this all is. Get the facts out and be entertaining. OMG this would be awesome if done right! what do you guys think?

Freedom always wins

ronpaulflix has a 999 parody

that is great

why say "the fed"

just use the following words:

goldman sachs

Tell them they support tarp, support bailouts, and they support crony capitalism.

If they say they don't support any of that, then there's your chance to nail them.

If they admit to supporting all of that, tell them to go to hell.

A vote for Cain is a vote for the banks.

To put it bluntly,

you people got your heads up your arse.

We got the biggest protests movement in recent times, and most of you guys refuse to go and make some waves.

We got a chance to beat these bastards, and a lot of people would rather just sit around and type on a keyboard 24/7.

Give me a break. Are you afraid of Liberty. Will you risk nothing?

Get down to Occupy, and take this country back.

You sound like Armyfree

What is it with you two equating not jumping at the chance to go to OWS with "doing nothing" and "being afraid"? Here's something that may surprise you: not everyone is interested in going about things in the same way.

No, getting Cain supporters to vote for Dr. Paul is a lot easier and more fruitful than trying to explain very basic economics to a someone who 1) has no idea what you're saying and 2) very likely isn't going to register Republican anyway, and time is running out for that as it is.

You OWS supporters go do your thing and have fun, really, but seriously, STFU with the constant whining about people who want to try a different avenue.

Before you respond, keep in mind I've gone down to Occupy Boston several times already.

A signature used to be here!

Cain took off after n*****rhead came out.

Perry's ranch has a racial slur. Republicans are always called racists and Perry's gaff naming his ranch N**gerhead adds fuel to those critics. So now republicans love the black candidate so they don't look racist. Cain support is overcompensation for the N**gerhead story.

Race makes a difference, it did for the democrats. They had to choose either the black man or the white woman. I guess sexism takes a backseat to racism.

I support Ron Paul. He supports the smallest minority of all....the individual.

I told you guys

The FED argument won't work unless people understand monetary policy, which most don't. Instead stick to his support of TARP as a debate point. Also discuss Aruila, his flip flops and the constitution. That is the best debate strategy.

Cain is surviving purely on

Cain is surviving purely on personality. Ask those who support him, " if your child was flying in a plane, would you rather the pilot was hired because of ability or personality?"

Hmm.... The issue is just

Hmm.... The issue is just this... No president is a king, so the person who sits in the White House is still basically answerable to their base of special interests, aren't they? It all depends on which special interest is more powerful at the time.

Haven't you wondered

Where did all these Cain supporters come from all of a sudden? It's impossible to build a grassroots movement bigger than ours overnight, especially on bull crap like 9 9 9, and support the Fed.

Baaaaa - it's sheeple.

I'm totally serious. He is "safe" for them, and so following they go. I have seen this as well. I think they like him because he speaks in SIMPLE terminology that they can understand, and he speaks as if everything is easy as pie - no problem here people - these other people are all either lost or ignorant. He's got it all worked out - AND IT"S SO SIMPLE. Ron should take note - make it seem SIMPLE. That's what these people like.

Cain's 9 9 9 plan tells me he is simple minded.

No tax plan is simple. There are always rules and exceptions to rules.

And yes, the public does not understand the monetary system and how it fleeces them, nor do they understand that most of what government does is just a scam to plunder and control them. If they really were not so brainwashed and had the knowledge to understand, they would all be Ron Paul supporters.

I really don't know how it is possible to reach the majority of voters when it requires a major education effort and the establishment uses control of the press to confuse and mislead the public.

I have said many times that I don't think we will likely regain freedom at the voting booths, and the rise of Herman Cain just reinforces that in my mind.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

I agree with you.

I am shocked at the support Cain is seeing. I think they like his style - because it has nothing to do with substance. It is very disheartening.

It's disturbing, IMO. I think

It's disturbing, IMO. I think the "racially insensitive" GOP views Cain as a blunt instrument who would be capable of taking Obama to task without appearing to be a "racist". Imagine Romney taking on Obama directly (if the GOP chose him). Mitt would look like a bully, whereas Cain could take on Obama with the strongest possible language without tarnishing the GOP because Democrats could only attack Cain on a factual basis (and as we've seen already, Cain's use of "facts" can be pretty fast and loose).

I don't see any comments

I don't see any comments after that Fox story. Did they disable comments?