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Ron Paul's Immigration Policy Means a Vibrant America!

A great canvassing technique is to point out to prospective Republican voters in the Iowa Caucuses that Ron Paul's double barrel blast to the broken immigration system is the following:

  1. No minimum wage.
  2. Unlimited guest workers.

Point out that given global wage rates this will quickly result in the US's population density growing to match that of India or China! Iowan Republicans are sure to leap at that prospect!

If you happen to run into one of those rare Iowan Republicans who is racist or xenophobic (let's face it... Iowa is kind of backward), just refer them to Ron's brain trust at Mises.org who explain how wonderful this would be:

when you take a coast-to-coast flight it is impossible not notice that the vast amount of land space is the U.S. is completely empty. You would swear that the country was an uninhabited wasteland. Then you reflect on the immigration debate and get the strong impression that we are fighting for room to breath around here. It’s just a strange dichotomy. It’s one thing for Japan to worry about immigration, or Switzerland, or even Austria. But the U.S.? There are other factors, I know, but it’s probably true that 10 times the world population could live comfortably in the U.S.