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5% in the latest Rasmussen Poll

Six of the latest polls have Paul at, 13, 12, 11, and 6, 5, 5. Somebody's polls are way off and there is no way that Gingrinch has two times as much support as Ron Paul as the latest Rasmussen poll indicates.

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It goes to show how "margin

It goes to show how "margin of error" claims are BS. When one poll shows 13%, and another shows 5% in the same period, the difference is far greater than any margin of error would allow.

I agree, but the problem is

I agree, but the problem is that most of the polls going into Iowa and NH last go around were fairly accurate with regards to Ron's placing.

Ron's still doing well in

Ron's still doing well in Iowa and New Hampshire. He's top 3 in the last two Iowa polls, and in the last three NH polls, he's third in two of them and tied for second in another. If he gets top 3 spots in both those states, the other candidates besides Romney and Cain are finished (though RP probably needs to at least get a second place finish, and maybe a victory in at least one of those states to win the nomination). I think Ron's probably around 10% nationally. In the middle of his polls. Even if he loses, I think his final position will be better, cause his supporters will still go out and vote for him even after it's obvious he can't win. Last time he was polling at 5% or less in most national polls, and got 10% of the vote. I think he'll get 15% minimum by the time the primaries are over. Hopefully he'll get more than that, and will do so in a competitive race, not one where everyone else stays home cause it's already decided.

I guess, then, the question

I guess, then, the question is... if two Iowa polls show Ron Paul at 20% and at 8% just before the caucus, how do you expect the actual vote will turn out?

Lol, I don't expect anything

Lol, I don't expect anything if that occurs. All I know is that when these polls are put on t.v., it can affect people's decisions based on who they think is electable. If they see Ron at 13% in a national poll they may give him a look but if they see him at 5% they likely will not.