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GerryMandering, Have you heard of it ?

I found a Piece about elections, and I don't know what to make of it. Can you guys help me ?


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Look up Barney Frank's district for a great example

It's actually kinda funny.

Suggestion for You

Depending on where you live, your state could be in the process of redrawing its U.S. Congressional Districts if they've added or lost a seat. Here in SC, we just got a new one, and the debates in the General Assembly were hilarious. In a state like SC where Republicans dominate, the feud as to where to draw the lines for the new seat is more over regionalism/county loyalty than party affiliation. However, one of the reasons why state level elections are hugely important for the two party system is because they control the districting for Congressional seats. And because the Supreme Court has typically declined to hear challenges to partisan gerrymandering cases because they lack justiciability due to the political question doctrine, the final say so of the legislature is usually irreproachable, unless you live in the Deep South like myself, then we have to get DOJ approval per Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. I was lucky enough to sit in a couple of public hearings on where the new seat should go. I got to voice my opinion on why my home county and area should be the population center of SC's new Congressional seat, and the feedback I got was wonderful. Got some stares too with my Ron Paul 2012 sticker! It really goes to show, Dr. Paul is dead on about returning powers to state and local governments, I feel we're so much more in tune with them and they in turn are more responsive to us.

Gerrymandering is how your election district is drawn

so it favors either Republican or democrat majority.

That is why the districts can look like they make no sense whatsoever.

This is how status quo control is maintained by the parties.


Two ways to work this battle, become committeemen and/or boycott through direct action.

Committeemen is electoral politics and like performing a Pickett's charge. From my personal experience, even if you get the majority of committeemen on our side to vote, the party rules makes them king and they will just change the rules as they go along. Remember the Ron Paul delegate situation in 2008 in Nevada?

Boycotting is the most powerful to achieve results quickly. However, almost all Americans do not have the courage to do much of anything.