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Attention authors of children's books.

Hear me out...

After the past several months of spreading the word of the good Dr., I have realized that a large portion of Americans are undereducated. I always had a feeling that this may be the case, but it has been confirmed.

I'm sure that many of you have heard people say things like "I like Paul, but he loses me when he starts talking about the Fed, whatever that is." I have heard these comments far too many times in the past few months.

Are there any authors of children's books out there who are willing to write some articles explaining some of these things that are already engrained into us? Someone who can simplify some of these subjects for the average or less than average American?

I would be more than willing to attempt this but, as you can tell, I am not a professional writer. I would need a team of editors working on it.

Just an idea, let me know what you guys think.

Robert Clark
Disabled American Veteran