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Long time lurker joining in the BTO money bomb :)

Hi guys,

I've been on this site almost daily since 2007, but never registered as a member until recently.

Anyway, I've got something encouraging to share:

I've been taking a backseat with any sort of activism, and haven't been involved with donating during this entire election cycle (but I did donate during the 2007 money bombs).

HOWEVER, I'm donating this time because the amount of energy, enthusiasm and creativity in the BTO money bomb really stood out for me! In fact, even blacking out one's face seems like something fun to do while also promoting Ron Paul. That's precisely the kind of think Dr. Paul encourages us to do!

The BTO website is very well designed, with excellent videos and all the promotion I see on youtube and facebook shows me that it's going to be huge. No doubt about that!

As a result, I asked all the Ron Paul supporters I knew to join the BTO money bomb, and it looks like they'll be joining us! Several of them have told me personally that they will participate, whereas before they never donated!

I also realized through facebook I have 40+ friends who 'like' Ron Paul (on his fb page), so I obviously sent them invites to the money bomb. I'm thinking of even sending them personal messages later on, if I see that they haven't joined.

The thing is, the main problem I saw with the money bombs in the past is that the energy just wasn't there. This time, I can see and feel it through all the promoting going on! So as I was adding people, a great idea just came to me. I think it's totally legal, so here it is:

6 easy steps to find local people who donated to Ron Paul in 2007

1) Go here: www.fec.gov
2) Click on Presidential Elections.
3) Under Election Cycle, click on 2008.
4) On the left hand corner, under 'Compare Candidates', click on Paul_(R)
5) At the bottom of the page, look for the drop-down menu which should say "Donor Name". Click on that, and select City or Zip Code.
6) Enter your city or Zip Code and you will see all the names of people in your city or zip code that donated for Ron Paul. You will also see when they donated (i.e. the past money bombs)

Once you do this, do a search on facebook, and if their names pop up, invite them, and send them a personal message! Or, get on yellowpages.com and find out where they are and drop a flier in the mailbox! Just try not to be a stalker LOL

I was shocked to see that one of my high school friends who I haven't spoken to in a long time donated during to the Dec 2007 money bomb! Obviously, finding people like him will be easier to convince than random people. In other words, let's leverage the power of the past election cycle and find those past donors! The fact that we raised 6 million means we can easily do it again!

Now imagine if EVERY Daily Paul member did this with his/her own community and surrounding zip codes/cities! They would identify 'hidden' Ron Paul supporters from the last election very easily! Even if only 400 supporters found 1 person a day using this for the next 5 days, that's an additional 2000 donors on top of all the promoting that is already going on!


Maybe there's a way to create a program that can get all the names of people who donated to Ron Paul in 2007-2008 without having to manually type in every city/zipcode. In other words, if we can automate the process, from there, a group of people can go around contacting everyone individually without having to spend long hours looking up cities/zip codes!

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Thanks for this terrific activist post

I am posting your post on Twitter for my 1020 followers there.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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That's brilliant targeted advertising.

Welcome Aboard & Thanks for post!

I am amazed by the creativity too! I finally figued out how to post it on my son's FB wall so he could send it out to friends. I have found donors on huffington, but will go to fed.gov.

Also, remember places for local announcements like Craigs list, LSN, and your local newspapers. It's free advertising for Ron Paul.


You can also search by employer to see if you have any fellow Ron Paulers at work...perhaps make a group.

BTW: I'm glad I used a fake name when donating. I hate getting cold calls. I routinely badger them harshly so they never call back.

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