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How to get Herman Cain to lose support with his conservative base?

Mention that 9-9-9 is just 6-6-6 upside down! Christian conservatives will eat it up!

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Just get

Cain's name associated with the OWS protest somehow.
All the Republican support will leave in droves.

Cain is a beard for GOP warmonger's bigotry & xenphobia

Cain is a beard for GOP warmonger's bigotry & xenophobia

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Its Easy, just tell people the truth.

Poor people pay little or no income tax, yet Cain would raise their income tax to 9%.

Additionally, we don't currently have a national sales tax, but 999 would have a 9% national sales tax, are you kidding me?

That would crush the poor people into oblivion.

A national sales tax is just another revenue stream as Michelle Bachman pointed out in the debate.

And all revenue streams will have their percentages increased in years to come.

Herman Cain believes the Fed is great.

Herman Cain believes gay people "choose" to be gay.

Tell people the truth, they can make their own decisions.

Herman Cain doesn't care

Herman Cain doesn't care about poor people or the elderly, some who are barely surviving on their social security checks.

A nine percent national sales tax would destroy them.

And who's to say if enacted it would remain at nine percent?

Why are some Americans so gullible to fall for gimmicks like this? Where are they storing their brain, it's certainly not in their head, maybe it's up their....

Based on his attitude and some of his comments, Herman Cain is showing himself to be a heartless SOB

Cain IS a Republican machine

Cain IS a Republican machine replacement for Rick Perry who hasn't performed as well as the machine thought he would. He's slavemaster (for the FED/IRS complex) there to legitimize federal sales tax that's jusifcation for a federal tracking system and data base on every move we make. The endgame has always been no buying or selling without the beast number. We were given Social Security numbers for a "benefit program" when in fact the SS# is the mechanism of the FED/IRS system to track us

His 999 sham will devistate elderly fixed income,

with the 9% sales tax. In Houston it would mean we would have to pay 17.25% on everything we purchase. I can't believe very intelligent(at least I thought) people are falling for this moronic plan. I mean, our damn economy is consumer driven, since manufacturing is gone, so why would you attack the consumer, when the sales are continually declining? Cain is nothing more than a corporate hustler, as proven in his Enronesk scam he ran at Aquila Energy. He playing this plan as being designed by two top economists, who he 'can't' tell us their names. That's because they don't exist! He is running a huge hustle, or better, a scam! He's a good hustler, because he's quick with a 'dominant rebuke' when called out. I can see throuugh these cons in about two minutes of.conferring or hearing their 'two bit' sham, and usually make a smart ass coment, laugh and walk away. It really amazes, how many people are ignorant to these hustler's. Like with Al Gore Perry, if we keep exposing Cain's lies and scams, he will drop like a rock.

I think the best way to

I think the best way to discredit Cain is to hammer away at his federal reserve banking cartel link. Start by explaining exactly what the FED is and what they have done. I.E., seized political control in 1913 by controlling the money supply, etc. You would be surprised at how many people have never heard about this. Then point out that no man of integrity would have anything to do with them. Plus the guy belittles anyone who suggests auditing and exposing these thieves. He simply can't be trusted.

Here is an example I use to describe the Federal Reserve system: Lets say you have a money making machine and can create all the money you ever needed. Then some fellow comes along and talks you into selling him your money for the cost of printing it. Then he talks you into borrowing back the money you sold him at face value, and pay him interest on that loan. Does this seem a bit insane? What person in their right mind would pay interest on a loan of their own money? As crazy as this sounds this is exactly the relationship between the federal reserve and the US government. This private banking cartel has been operating is secrecy looting this country since it's re-inception in 1913.

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Agree with robrigo. The Fed

Agree with robrigo. The Fed should be an issue, but most people can't be educated sufficiently is such a short amount of time to change their mind. TARP, totally misreading the economy days before the financial crisis, flip flops, etc are the issues to hammer him on. On 999, you can point out that it gives the government greater taxation power by having both an income tax and a sales tax, it would raise taxes on many people, and the corporate tax would also raise taxes on businesses by taxing gross income instead of profits.


The federal reserve is not understood by the masses. Hammering away abou the Fed wont convince someone who has no clue about Monetary policy. Focus on his support of TARP, missing the Housing bubble and Financial Crisis, Auriela, flip flopping etc.

Most of all be patient. Cain has NO money and NO infastructure. You need both to win.

I agree, the Fed is confusing

I agree, the Fed is confusing to many Americans.

Now when it comes to their money that's a different story. Cain's 9 9 9 plan needs to be totally discredited.

Another point, if Cain is so proud of this plan why won't he name the economists who helped him with it?

And why did he need help in the first place?

I also agree that his support of Tarp, missing the housing bubble, etc. would be more understandable to the masses than the Fed.

I disagree. That is why I

I disagree. That is why I posted the simple little story. This is something that can be explained and understood in one minute. One does not need to know a thing about monetary policy to understand the common sense idea that it's insane to give someone your money and then borrow back your own money at interest. Once they agree that it is a crazy thing to do, and that the FED has been doing this to us for almost a hundred years, I don't think they will be happy about it or forget it. Ultimately they are not going to support anyone that supports this arrangement, like Cain.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

How about mentioning that he claims to support the

2nd amendment, but believes that the States can do what they want about gun control because he believes the 2nd Amendment does not apply to them.

Even the Supreme Count says the 2nd amendment applies to the States.

I would ask this idiot what value the 2nd amendment would have if the federal government were required to recognize this pre-existing right, but the States could defeat it at will.

Effectively Cain has said out of one side of his mouth that he supports the 2nd amendment, but out of the other side of his mouth he does not support it.

The 2nd amendment does not grant to people the right to keep and bear arms. It recognized that people already had this right, and it did not come from government.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

To Bachmann's credit, she did have the guts to challenge Cain:

She did say 'The devil's in the details of the plan', and she is right on this. The idea of adding another tax is a very bad one. It is destined to go to the 30% level as well, just as the 'income tax' did. I am no Bachmann supporter, but it was a good move to point this out. We make fun of those doing the dirty work of attacking the frontrunner at our own peril. The closer everyone gets to a virtual tie, the greater our influence will be.

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It is destined to go higher for two reasons. 1. it doesnt address spending, and higher spending eventually leads to higher taxes. 2. Every New Congress gets to set its own rules. So while Cain will require a 2/3 majority to raise taxes, future congresses may only require a majority. Thus we are screweed.

Most people dont understand.

That this means a 9% sales tax increase in everything you buy. I told this to a Cain supporter today and she was appalled.This would be the highest tax increase in American history.

Can you believe Bachmann

actually did this on Tues?

"turn that plan upside down, and you know the devil's in the details."

She does like to make sure folks see her secret decoder ring, doesn't she?

I'm voting for Peace.


Wow. I was just making a joke to lighten up the end of this country, and Bachmann actually tried to pull that? WOW!!!

Hey you gotta hand to Michelle

for a lady she sure does have a pair of big ones.