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Fact Check! Herman Cain’s Ice Cream Meltdown

Got a good laugh about this from Yahoo headline.


Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain might be in the midst of his campaign’s first crisis, all thanks to ice cream.

Now leading in at least one national poll, Cain is frequently asked if he is the new political flavor of the month. Cain’s canned response is: “Haagen-Dazs black walnut tastes good all the time.”

Here’s the problem: Haagen Dazs no longer makes black walnut ice cream. It was a limited edition, and is no longer available. So, in a manner of speaking, you might say that Haagen Dazs black walnut was – by definition – a flavor of the month.

When contacted by ABC News, Hazel, at the Haagen-Daz customer service line, said, “We don’t sell black walnut. The sales nationally did not meet our expectations, unfortunately. It did not behoove us to continue with the product.”

The ice cream did not meet expectations. Cain better hope that is not a metaphor for his candidacy.

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I think he's saying that the

I think he's saying that the "flavor of the month" might "taste good all the time."

Let's focus on his support for the FED, TARP, the bailouts, and the patriot act.

We can also focus on his support for the assassination of american citizens, but that one might take a while for people to understand. Seems polarizing online and in the news, but when I talk to people on the street, they are all with Dr. Paul.

We gotta get to the old folks homes ASAP.

Just was about to say that. I

Just was about to say that. I wasn't sure what he meant by "Black Walnut" either until I read this story, but hearing that it was indeed limited edition confirms my initial theory.

Nothing else to see here, let's move it along.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

That is hysterical! That guy

That is hysterical! That guy will say anything if it just sounds good..never mind if he knows anything or it means anything. I am beginning to think he is as crazy as Bachman.
I can't wait until Ron gets "flavor of the month". It will not be plain vanilla, will have a cherry in the middle of every serving, and not a nut in it. It will stay a favorite for many years,,:)

Hey I like plain vanilla

Plain vanilla is tried and true. Everybody likes it and it goes with almost everything.

Ron Paul 2012