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Rand Paul and other Senators Unveil Jobs Through Growth Act

Sens. Paul, Portman, McCain and McConnell offer Republican plan to create millions of American jobs
Oct 13, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. Rand Paul today unveiled a Republican jobs plan with Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Rob Portman (Ohio) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.).

The Republican jobs plan takes a different approach, trying to remove the government-imposed obstacles to job creation this Administration has imposed. Click HERE for an in-depth outline of the Jobs Through Growth Act.

The Jobs Through Growth Act begins with tax reform, producing a plan that will lower both the corporate tax rate and the top income tax rate to 25 percent. It will simplify the codes, eliminate subsidies and close loopholes, and the result will be a simpler, fairer and better tax system for individuals, small business, and corporations.

It includes a moratorium on new regulations, and also a new process for Congressional approval of regulations through the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny). The plan repeals burdensome regulations like greenhouse gas emissions and farm dust requirements. It has been estimated that overregulation costs business in excess of a trillion dollars per year to comply. These dollars and efforts should instead be focused on increased competitiveness and job creation.


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What about the Fed?

Any budget proposal that doesn't involve some way to limit the Fed is just fool's gold IMO.

Even if they could draft a measure stopping the Fed from buying treasury bonds, it would be a step in the right direction.

Even guys like McCain and McConnell

Even guys like McCain and McConnell know they must come out FOR something to help the economy, and not just sit back and vote no. Rand is taking advantage and giving them a chance to put their money where their mouth is! Good for Repubs and the country, I think.

While this is probably a step

While this is probably a step in the right direction, I reject any "jobs plan" that isn't exclusively based on the free market being allowed to work and the most important regulator is the consumer.

Do you live in America? Are

Do you live in America? Are you running for office? If so, what's your name so I can vote for you? :)

Check out LibertyHQ, where I aggregate the all best articles on libertarianism by topic! For now, the "Issues in Libertopia" section is the most developed. Find a link to it below:


I just play the trumpet...

I just play the trumpet... Maybe I will return to my native Minnesota and unseat Bachmann.

While I'd have to get more

While I'd have to get more familiar with the specifics of the plan before I support it, I think people shouldn't just knee jerk reject it because of who supports it. Just as Ron has been more than willing to work with Democrats and liberals to cut military spending, stop the wars, end the drug war, and restore civil liberties, he is also willing to work with mainstream Republicans to cut taxes and spending. We'll see how good this actually is, but I'm optimistic since Rand's involved.

jobs plan

its just common sense. Get the criminals out of the business of regulating business..

Live free or DIE!

Whoa Now!

Ya, I got to agree with the previous comment, McCain really? Bit scary eh?

When are people around here

When are people around here going to learn that we're going to have to work with the establishment if we ever hope to enact the reforms we'd like to see?

Guess what? Someday WE will be the establishment and WE'LL have targets on our backs put there by supporters of some other candidate. It's the way these things work.

Hell, Goldwater and Robert Taft were once the "establishment" for a brief period of time. And it was then that a freshman senator from CI worked with them on a number of important policies.

Can you name that senator? Guess what: his son and his grandson went onto become POTUS. The answer is Prescott Bush.

The point isn't that Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. were great presidents (I mean, seriously...does anyone really think that I'd be here suggesting that?), but to illustrate just how far we can take this "guilty-by-association" BS.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to criticize Rand for. For all his strengths, I'm still unsure of his principles, but he's definitely his father's son. And Ron has always talked about the need to pull people together, and that includes people in the establishment.

For the record, McCain also spoke out in favor of a number of healthcare reform ideas that many Paul supporters around here would favor. Does that make those ideas bad?

What if he explicitly came out and disavowed his past 30 years in public life and announced he was a born-again libertarian? Would that make a difference to any of you?

No, it probably wouldn't, because this is the same distrustful BS we've had to deal with for accepting people like Doug Wead and Bruce Fein into Paul's camp. Is it really too much to ask to be a little more open-minded?

This doesn't mean we have to immediately embrace anyone who Ron and Rand choose to work with, but honestly...some of the paranoia around here just goes too far.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

Good Points, However

Some of us are paranoid for good reason. They got the gold and we got the shaft, more than once in our lives. Honestly, I don't know how Ron Paul works with some of these goons. That's probably why I'm not a politician. I'd have to slap them silly then quit.

He truly is a statesman and I definitely can never support anyone else again unless they are his clone. Maybe Rand.... maybe, we'll see.

I agree




..Sounds a little bit fishy to me. I don't trust those characters any further than I could throw 'em. (And that wouldn't be very far.)

McCain is getting old. Maybe

McCain is getting old. Maybe he is trying to change his legacy before he kicks the bucket...

Give McCain a break

McCain sold his soul to be the GOP candidate last time. He knows it was the wrong move. Rand needs the support of the establishment or what seems to be the establishment. I am sure McCain has woken up and realizes the country he loves so much is in danger. I am sure Rand and McCain have had some heart to heart talks. This is all part of the freedom movement. People realizing what is the correct thing to do and changing there ways. There is more of this to come. It is called threshold theory. Once you know that 2+2=4 you can never believe otherwise. Once you know what is best for the country... You can never with full conviction go back to your old thoughts and beliefs. This why we Dr. Paul supporters never change our support for him.

I disagree with you

McCain is a snake in the grass, you don't see him until he bites you. I'm not sure of anything with McCain involved. I'll wait and see. I'm sure it's possible for McCain to repent of his evil ways, but I'm not holding my breath. Though a few times I've been disappointed with Rand, I hope he's as strong as his dad and can resist any temptations to compromise completely. Wait and see. It's got to be tough to have to deal with a lowlife like McCain.

Impressed With Your Response

Makes very good sense! Plus why Dr. Paul supporters never change your support for him. Like Like Like


reedr3v's picture

Give the NeoCon warmonger a break? This

jerk never saw a war he didn't love. Do your remember his "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" jingle -- on a par with Obama's cute joke about predator bombs.

What break did these monsters give the people who are bombed and killed and maimed? McC, O., Bush are soulless, immoral power players.


I wouldn't hold my breath.

If you knew McCain, ...

... you'd know the man has no heart.

Part of liberty

is believing that people can change and they deserve the chance to do it. I mean we have to live with the rest of the country who did not vote for Dr. Paul in 2008. The cause of liberty requires we give everyone a second chance.


I agree with respect to McCain supporters.

But again, if you know McCain the man personally, he is beyond redemption, except perhaps for redemption by powers beyond anyone on this planet.

if you know McCain

I don't know him... I doubt many people who will read this do know him... do you? (It sounds like you're saying that you do know him personally. Do you mean that you know him personally--as in face-to-face/you-know-him/he-knows-you? Or do you mean that you know a lot ABOUT him? I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from.)

I hear you.

I do think there is some good deep down inside. What person is more capable of healing a sick person than a Dr. Paul?


McInsane soldout a long time ago, and is a war monger but hopefully this is a good thing they are working on. I am not sure just yet though, but if Rand is involved I am optimistic/interested.

It does sound good but if the

It does sound good but if the 2 McEEEES are behind it, too, I would have to read the entire thing.

Its actually very interesting

Reading through some of it the items the media will jump on are not difficult to spot. Some are mentioned above. What is interesting is, of those key issues many of the candidates in the GOP Prez field are already on the record taking positions opposite of the recommendations in this bill. Perry, Romney, Huntsman, Bauchman, definitely can not promote this bill or say as Prez they would sign this bill - not if they want to avoid a "flip-flopper" stink.

It would look kind of silly for McCain and McConnell to endorse a Presidential candidate that cant tout their bill over Obama's, nor promise to not veto it if elected.

Interesting in deed.

Very interesting indeed.

See what I posted above about giving McCain a break.

Powerful Freshman

I wonder how many self-interested re-electionist congressmen and senators will vote for it simply to stay on the good side of Rand Paul's formidable support base. I think more and more politicians are seeing the writing on the wall and know that there is no way to stop an idea whose time has come, and they just plan to ride the wave instead.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.


Its a start.

Sen. Rand Paul today unveiled a Republican jobs plan

Sounds interesting.

Free includes debt-free!