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The Black Walnut Story

If you have seen Yahoo or ABC today then you may have come across the Herman Cain Ice Cream Story. It is story about how he calls himself Black Walnut and this was a flavor temporarily sold at a popular ice cream chain. It really is a dumb story geared to do only one thing. That thing is to draw support for Herman Cain.

99.9% will agree this is not news worthy. The dumb see it as the media attacking him, some think it is racism. Others see it as bad journalism. Of course the story is not really important.

People reading the story all are curious to find out what the story is about. After reading it, they come to the defense of the former Fed Chair and voice support for him. Some become emotionally involved for him and are conditioned to support him. These new supporters then do not want to hear facts.

This is exactly what that story was for. No once actually cares about the ice cream and what he calls himself.

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