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UPDATED: Revolution PAC "Plastic Men" Ad To Air Before Next Debate on CNN!

VIDEO UPDATED to include more of Herman Cain


Please see press release below.

If you have any money to spare and are maxed out with RP, help out Revolution PAC:

"Plastic Men" to Air Preceding CNN Debate October 18
Revolution PAC's Ron Paul ad targeting integrity-deficient rivals to make national TV debut.

Northbrook, IL - October 13, 2011

Revolution PAC has secured three 60-second national prime time spots to air its acclaimed ad "Plastic Men" in conjunction with next week's CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate. Featured by USA Today and The Wall Street Journal when it launched in mid-September and logging more than 100,000 YouTube views since that time, the video sharply differentiates limited government champion and fiscal hawk Congressman Ron Paul from his establishment-driven GOP rivals.

The CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate will be broadcast live from Las Vegas at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on October 18.

Revolution PAC expects the airing of "Plastic Men" to further diminish Rick Perry, who has plummeted in the polls and failed to impress in recent debates, as a viable option for conservative leaders. Perry's Texas executive order requiring HPV vaccinations, Mitt Romeny's Massachusetts health care mandate and the economic miscues of a host of Republican candidates are spotlighted in the ad.

"'Plastic Men' is an exercise in distinguishing Ron Paul's consistent, principled record from those of the GOP field's many pretenders," explains Revolution PAC Advisory Board member Gary Franchi. "Unabashed TARP supporters Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, for instance, stand in stark contrast to Ron Paul, who began warning of the housing collapse in 2001 and who has never voted for a bailout. The media consistently downplays Dr. Paul's prescience on this and other vital issues; Revolution PAC aims to correct any misperceptions."

Timing of the ad, Franchi continues, could not be better. "Cain was caught this week brazenly denying his criticism of Ron Paul's Audit the Fed push. Now that the investigation has proven fruitful

, revealing $16 trillion in previously undisclosed loans by the Federal Reserve to foreign and domestic banks, Cain claims to support transparency."

The bottom line message of "Plastic Men" is clear, insists Franchi. "Regardless of slick packaging, political expediency will not win votes in 2012."

Rep. Paul's strong states' rights outlook engenders strong support for his campaign throughout the West. In September, Paul won the California GOP Straw Poll by a wide margin. In the 2008 GOP presidential primaries, he earned second place-finishes in Nevada, Montana, Idaho and New Mexico.

A recent Harris Poll showed Ron Paul prevailing over Barack Obama 51 percent to 49 percent in a general election race.

Revolution PAC is bolstering Ron Paul's consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising campaigns complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.


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bigmikedude's picture

Bump for the great music

behind Romney and Perry in the beginning.

bigmikedude's picture

Man I hope that's not the finished product

The audio splice when they show Cain, Romney, and Perry, and say "They supported the bailouts" IS TERRIBLE. I wouldn't pay for that as "finished".

Hope that was a rough draft.

Start listening at the 30 second mark.

It sounds fine to me

Maybe it's been fixed?

bigmikedude's picture

Weird, it's not doing it now

this morning. Was definitely doing it when I first posted this version. I listened to it numerous times yesterday.

I love this, it made me laugh

I love this, it made me laugh again and again each time I watched it.

This ad made me go weak at the knees, and brought tears to my

eyes....Ron Paul is such a good man, with such good values, and principles, not only that he follows our Constitution. I can't see why any Conservative out there would not vote for him. I am shocked to see the media blocking him out again this election season. They are pumping Mr. 999 though, and it doesn't make sense to me, and alot of other folks out there.

Yes we do know very well why

Yes we do know very well why they are attempting to push Mr Cain into the favored spot-but I don't think its going to work out very well for them this time around.

bigmikedude's picture

It's updated Latins,

Thanks for the link.

That's Good

A bit risque (the Perry wiggle and the naughtiness implied with the young 'girl' children) for Dr. Paul himself to put this out, don't ya think?

Well, interesting anyway. Reaches the so-called mainstream better.


for Liberty.

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Do the people who create these ads get paid for their work?

Or, are they volunteers, like the rest of us? I read that the campaign paid 6 figures to the creator of a Ron Paul ad.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

I think that article was

I think that article was saying that they paid six figures for the ad and it's use and included air time. I'm pretty sure of that.

I have two excellent ideas for an ad...

..do you know who I can talk with? I just don't want to call someone, give them my ideas and then be done with it, I want to help see it through; to make sure that the ads are done right, touch the heart, and motivate the viewers.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."


Most people here don't like anything the other campaigns do. ...Yet somehow the other campaigns tend to do quite well.

Its probably best not to assume that your preferences align with anything much besides your preferences. All this speculation is kind of silly.

That's unfortunate

This ad doesn't do our movement justice.

Good for R3volutionPac, I

Good for R3volutionPac, I like the add except that Cain is not in it.
But to agree with oceanoz on one thing :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqAF-Alc7CM (≠ version)
is the best speech / video EVER.

I would love to see that on tv as much as possible, even at weird cheap time slots I'm sure word would get out a people would go looking for it.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry


You're playing the same games the other candidates do....Ron Paul is not a joke....Ron Paul is about Reality.

Showing this type of ad....with slap stick cut out cartoons of candidates....what are you thinking? And before a debate?

Look...there are thousands already in the dark....we need to turn on the light switch and be taken seriously. If you want to turn on the LIGHT..and wake the masses up from what the other candidates want to continue, I suggest you show a Reality Commercial like this one:



Ron Paul is about Reality....not some hokey cartoon cut out funny illusion.

I think showing the plastic man ad will be a grave mistake.

I disagree with you...

Most American voters watch TV, they watch dancing with the stars, and do not really tune in to what our government has been doing. Most will watch this ad, and think hmmm...this guy might be on to something, and decide not to vote for the pretty boys, or the 999 man because of this Ad. As a parent of 2 teenage daughters there is no way in hell I will vote for Perry. My girls are not out having sex, and doing the crap that a lot of young girls are doing. Personally, I believe we as parents need to be a very BIG part in our childrens lives, unfortunately there are a lot of parents out there that believe that the government is better at taking care of our children. A lot of this is because so many single family households are depending on the government dole, and that is why we are fxxxxxed up.


Unfortunately, the reality is that most voters are too shallow to do their own research, and they rely entirely on media, including news, talk shows, and advertisements, to form their opinions.

This sort of ad will work wonders with the ignorant masses.

"will work wonders with the ignorant masses"

Interesting psychic prediction there. How are you so in touch with the mindset of the ignorant masses...unless you are one of them??

We'll see how much Revolution PAC pulls in after the airing of the ad.

They Should Also Plug Black This Out

Maybe during the last couple seconds of this clip when they have the Ron Paul 2012 sign up, they could have a "BlackThisOut.com" graphic below it. It would take seconds to edit that into the video, and it would reach a wide audience who might be interested and visit the site. Since it'll play during the debate, and black this out is the next day, it would be great timing!

Its funny to me, but

I don't know if calling them "pretty" boys is such a hot idea. Who was it that called Ron Paul a grumpy ol' man? Cain? They could definitely do a attack ad on that about RP.

That could be a touchy subject... Start attacking people on their physical appearance... ummmm, boy, that could be trouble. Leading to the "r" word.


Im sorry but i dont think this message does justice to Dr. Ron Paul. We do not need to get our message across by singling out individual candidates and emphasising certain acts in the past without reason. I certainly dont like being forced into anything weather its a jab or health care but for too long has our electorial process become a "drama show" or a "cheerleading effect" lacking substance and revolving around scoring points like children. if I had never heard who ron paul is and I saw this ad, i would loose interest in the first quater and dissmiss him as just another politician, we must focus on what makes him differant and not fall into the established routine.

Completely agree. it's a

Completely agree. it's a really good ad for people who are already Paul fans, but it really isn't going to do much for the cause of getting new people interested in following Dr. Paul (which is the point of a nationally televised commercial). It's dated and we really can do better. These tv spots have been reserved and I imagine at a hefty price, it'd be a shame to waste it.

Everyone here apparently is a professional political commentator

Why is it that everyone thinks they know what can or can't work with political ads or campaign ideas? This is the revolution super pac running their ad, it isn't about ron paul's official campaign.

I like the ad, they are pretty boys so to speak and it might make people realize that THEY usually vote for the one who LOOKS presidential. Yes this ad is loved by those within the revolution BUT how about we let the ad play and see what sort of buzz it gets BEFORE we ASSume we know everything.

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"pretty boys" sounds like sour grapes

What, is Ron Paul insecure about looking old, so he insults better-looking, younger candidates on THOSE grounds? That's what people will think. That is TERRIBLY, atrociously petty. That contaminates our movement, and is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

You sound like the media.

They don't think people will like Ron Paul so they don't cover him. So then we criticize them for deciding for us what we think.

So how do you know what people will think?

You're right

Who am I to presume people even WILL think?

But it will be easy to draw the conclusion that Ron Paul people are insulting Perry and Romney on the basis of their looks, simply because Ron Paul, at his age, is not as good looking as they are. And, to me, that is petty.

double post

ron paul for president

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