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New Ron Paul Poster (Captain America)

From the creator of the Kneeling Ron Paul Batman poster(http://www.dailypaul.com/102860/batman-vs-joker-another-post...), I was given this new poster to spread here:


He is open to critiques and suggestions for improvement. Please give feedback. If you would like to contact the creator directly, give me a PM and I can get you in touch. Enjoy.

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Way too dark and violent looking for my taste.

Try something a little more positive.

These things are fun for us fanboys and girls, but

both Batman and Cap are pretty poor analogs for our man Ron.

Batman is a masked vigilante who works outside the law. Ron is a champion of transparency who demands that we uphold and adhere to the law in all cases.

Cap wanted nothing more than to join up and go kill some Germans. His story - original comic books and movie both - glorify war and military adventure. Which is problematic for obvious reasons, I hope. It is jarring to see Ron's face carrying that pistol and leading a horde of gung-ho warriors. (Although Cap is chosen for the super soldier serum because he is a genuinely good man - not a bad analog, there!)

I'm voting for Peace.

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Can you use the likeness of Tommy lee Jones etc, w/o permission?

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Wow, gorgeous! What talent, conceptually

perfect. I can't think of enough superlatives. Ten thumbs up!