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Ron Paul should speak to Occupy Wall Street

Obviously we need to wait and see what happens in the cleanup but if they stay and do not become violent then I believe that Ron Paul should speak to them.

Most of them have no idea why they are there. It's great that some of us have taken up the challenge of presenting Ron Paul and End the FED to the protesters, but we need to seal the deal.

They are mad because no one will listen to them. No one will guide them to the answers they are looking for. If Ron Paul were to be the leader that addresses their concerns and guides them toward the true solutions, they would take him to the white house.

The protesters just want someone to represent them, why not good old Dr. Paul.

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I respectfully...

disagree. While there may be some freedom lovers there that would be warm to the message..I don't think Ron should get too cozy with them as a whole. There are many..probably the majority that are hard core marxist and other extreme leftist.

I do beleive some Ron Paul supporters should try to make some friends there and educate where possible....but this thing could get ugly...Blowback.

Ron has not called the protestors "crazy" but he hasn't endorsed them either...I think he is handling it perfectly.

Occupy Wall Street depresses me

I'm doing my best to try and stay objective about these protestors, but every single time I watch them on youtube or see something they've published, it's just horrific. They have their hand out for a government bailout, want to limit the free speech of the rich, wants to somehow magically end corporate greed, want their student loans to be repaid by the government, want more regulations. Wow, they opposed the bailout- big deal, so did lots of people. Basically every policy idea I've heard out of this bunch is going in the wrong direction, except for the few scattered Ron Paul supporters in the crowd.

If Ron Paul can turn this bunch around it would be a miracle.


I just put up a thread like this myself, but that doesn't make either message any less important :j


for importance ;)

he should go a give a speech on


Without a doubt...

Such a speech would be a bold move... The sort of thing from which Revolutions are born...

He would need to keep the focus on educating rather than sympathizing with the crowd in order to avoid the inevitable tarring he would take from the establishmentarians, but depending on the timing, his place in the polls (internal campaign polls) and the direction of the news over the next week or so, this should happen!

There is no higher end than the total liberation of the human being: mind, body and spirit.

Why not? Agreed.

Why not? Agreed.