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A Hundred Words

If a hundred words were all
The words I had to praise Ron Paul,
Than I would choose, most carefully,
His traits that most inspire me.

The Constitution’s Champion.
A 12-term-Texas Congressman.
A Patriot extr’ordinaire.
A Real-true-blue American.

A World-class Athelete. A Vet.
A Doctor—OB/GYN.
Organic Farmer. Dairyman.
Best-selling Author. Mises’ fan.

A man Compassionate and Wise,
Courageous. Modest. Genial. Kind.
Dauntless. Faithful. Prudent. Good.
Uniting us in Brotherhood.

A Student, Teacher, Statesman who
Is Truthful, Trustworthy, Well-schooled.
Noble. Pragmatic. Sincere.
The “Tax-payer’s-Best-Friend” each year.

Ron Paul is Incorruptible.
Peace. Prosperity. No Wars.
Tolerance. Equality.
In just One word, Ron Paul is . . . LIBERTY!

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Made me smile..:) Nice work.

Made me smile..:) Nice work.