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Get Ron Paul to Wall Street,. now? Please?

Hello all you unhappy people,

Two nights ago I came on here and read how NH is requiring voter registration for the primaries by this Friday, and I didn't concern myself with it very much, because frankly, it's out of my circle of influence. However, I DOUBLE checked that the website I've looked up...
... listed NY's registration deadline as 25 prior to the election, and I let my doubts slide away.. that Ron Paul would lose the chance to speak to Occupy Wall Street, and give one of the most amazing speeches EVAR!

Here's how I see it.
Right now I'm in Boston for a few months, and I've had the opportunity to talk with a few people from the Occupy Boston event that is going on downtown. I've tried talking to a few of them at length, and I now believe without a doubt, that the ONLY reason that a majority of those people are there is because they really think the Republican party is a COMPLETE sham. That it's been bought out, and thoroughly corrupted, and there is no reason to even look to the right-wing for help in the future.
They have lost sight of what the republican party is SUPPOSED to be...
And they have lost faith in Ron Paul because they think that his acceptance of the political party system this time around shows that he has sold out to the machine, and whither or not they think he'll have a chance at winning (most remember his attempt last year), they can't bring themselves to understand the opportunity that RP has of really, sticking to the man.

If Ron Paul can get on the ground, and TELL these people who he is, and what he can do, then outside of the socialist uprour (there is unfortunately a lot of that going on, at least in Boston), I believe he can sway a LARGE swath of the rioters to go home, crack open a beer, and wait for the elections to REALLY demonstrate their contempt for the current situation.

However, there is one catch.

RP needs to come up with a DIRECT link between him, and job creation.
Time-frame? Anything! Just give these people an answer that they can count on, and that they can have faith in, and they will understand what has to be done for them to get jobs.
Let them know about the money that soldiers will be spending, and the things they pay for and expect. Let them know about abandoned military bases that might be refurbished and opened back up (there were several I remember being closed in the US a few years ago, any chance of them opening back up?) Let them know about small business banking opportunities that might open up, depending on how quickly your economists think the gold standard shift will exact change in that department.
Remind them about changes that you'll make to give people a chance to earn money.

Honestly, Dr. Paul's campaign has been weak in my eyes when it comes to the short-term job solution, but I am not a person who is in desperate need right now, and I have the luxury of seeing the bigger picture. However, these people don't. They NEED to hear the things that I haven't read and heard about RP, and if RP hasn't considered these things... then he needs to.

Get into the Occupations... let them know what you can do, and if he doesn't know what he can do for them... find out, and tell them what you've figured out, over the next .(looks at wrist) ... 12 hours.

God bless you Dr. Paul.

Btw, EGhost57. Sorry for taking your thread idea. I saw that you'd started one of these threads already, but I promised elsewhere that I would start up one myself.
Lets see how far our idea can go :)

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All Ron has to do

Is go down there and ask to speak they either say ya or na but dont be offended if they say no. They didnt let John Lewis speak and I cant thing of a more liberal democratic congressmen then him.

he should go a give a speech on