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Paul v. Cain on Economics (Article)

A great read and important info to get people to understand that Herman Cain is a fraud conservative.

With the recent decline in the polls of the candidacies of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, Tea Party members have two top-tier candidates to consider as an alternative to the liberal Massachusetts Republican Mitt Romney: Herman Cain and Ron Paul.

But how do these two Tea Party favorites stack up on economic issues? Here's a quick survey on their differences:


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Good article.

Good comparative analysis.

Man..what a totally terrific

Man..what a totally terrific article. You know what I don't get though? The comments. They think Cain and Romney both ran successful businesses. Well..IF they did (and I know that BOTH of them ran unsuccessful ones) they did not do it alone. They did NOT start a successful business from the ground up. But guess who did? They seem to think it is NOT a business when you set up, decorate and staff an office, buy equipment and furnishings, advertise and build a successful Doctor practice! Did Ron do it on his own? Well..yeah (maybe his wife helped but, I mean...) Did he ever run a business into the GROUND and surprise employees with no paycheck? NO.

check this out: very useful article

ron paul supporters should send a link to this article to everyone who is even thinking about voting for chairman cain. i just can't imagine anyone still thinking cain is the better candidate.


Love it!

Leave it to The New American to set the record straight!