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Black This OUT- 7 Day competition Blitz !! WIN A 1 oz. Silver Coin! (w/ RP face on it !)

What's This All About?

Over the next week, we are hosting a competition to see who is the best of the best of our grassroot's promoters for the Black This Out moneybomb! Sign up to get your very own referral page and when another supporter pledges through your page, you'll receive one point on our leaderboard! Whoever is the top promoter by October 19th, will win a 1oz. Silver Ron Paul coin donated by RonPaulSwag.com!


NeeD Help or Have Questions?

E-mail us at requests@blackthisout.com

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The pledge count

The official count should be the facebook count. That should be listed as the REAL count on the main site.

what is the facebook page?

I will add it to the main thread (just to show people how many people we have committed)

Terrible picture of Ron Paul on the blackthisout.com home page

I found the picture they used on the blackthisout.com home page a bit too stern, stark, and even a bit scary, and would assume such a picture would not be used to feature RP on a pro-Paul site.

There are some very nice pics of Ron Paul out there. Why not use one of those instead?

The Magnitude of "Black This Out Money Bomb" is two-fold!

For one, it is very possible that a new national one-day presidential money-bomb record is set. Even if it isn't, it will be too big to ignore.

Second, an explanation for the name "Black This Out" is unavoidable. The media will not want to discuss the meaning of "Black This Out," but people will ask, and the media will buckle.

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich

Got a Link, and even made my own Banner

Had to make a custom banner for my website because wordpress hates iframe for some reason:


And I have a referral link for this very contest:



Jack Wagner


for a creative idea.

Whenever I have time, I create a 500 character or less message promoting the "Black this Out" moneybomb, and paste it in at least 10 youtube comments, and on infowars.

My friend is going to be promoting it on the radio on infowars next week, and I will be promoting it on our local micro radio station.

This site

Blackthisout.com has no affiliation with the official campaign, although it's a good idea regardless.

thanks for the heads up, I made the changes to the main thread

and it still is a good idea! Gets people competing to be the best at promoting!

NEWSEUM - A tool to use for promoting.

NEWSEUM is a link to newspapers worldwide. When you follow the links you will see this paper has a Facebook page which you can write/advertise on wall. Take a L@@K

NEWSEUM: Bookemark this

Times Union News example:
Upper right hand corner = Web Site
Social Media Category:
They have a FACEBOOK link which you could post on the wall.