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My Thoughts on how to make Black This Out into something they cannot ignore!!

Hey all,
I know I haven't posted in forever, but I'm still here and just had a crazy idea. Why are we limiting ourselves to just ourselves with these moneybombs? If we REALLY want to get noticed, we should tell EVERYONE WE KNOW! It shouldn't matter who. If we can get people TALKING it would be very hard to be ignored.
Just my 2 cents.

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I emailed my WHOLE address book...

Even Tom Brokaw! (I have griped at him in the past so I have his email) I took one of the classier Black This Out 10/19 emails and forwarded to my whole address book. The astounding thing is that not even one of them complained! I might repeat that again the day before. I have over 400 people in my address book and I am confident that at least a portion of those folks forwarded it to THEIR address books on so on.

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Plead with your friends!!!

Plead with your friends to make a small donation. If they are not RP supporters, make it out like a sort of protest donation against the corporate media.

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