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Abolish Electronic Voting - Petition

Is this a good idea? Or will it accomplish nothing?


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I'd sign it...

... but don't have the time to go through a registration process... just a scam to get one's email for more junk mail. Ron Paul should just say that he would work towards abolishing voting machines, or at least give people the choice to vote for or against machine voting in their district.

Plano TX

Stuffing ballot boxes with

Stuffing ballot boxes with paper ballots is more difficult than hacking diebold machines, so while it's not a perfect solution, it is an improvement.

Yes, it will make people aware of how the election is rigged

The electronic voting machines are manufactured and serviced by a company in Israel. The Israel Lobby has 1200 PACs, and is the strongest lobby in the world. What if the Democrats made the electronic voting machines? How about Exxon/Mobile? How about a pharmaceutical company? How about J.P. Morgan? What would people say if the machines were made by the Chinese government? Isn't there a "thing" called a "conflict of interest"?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

I certainly agree that electronic voting is completely

unacceptable but I am thinking that this petition will have little effect - the corruption runs too deep. I will sign it anyway, just wondering if this is the right mechanism to effect a change.