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PA Police officer harasses Sign Bomb

Protect and Serve???? I don't think so.

Why don't we send some Emails over to the local chief chiefpd@westwhiteland.org
or even give them a call 610-363-0200.


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although the police officer could have been nicer, I do agree with the officer that "we" cannot block the view of drivers attempting to merge with traffic...

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Even if the policeman was

Even if the policeman was right on where these boys could stand, he didn't need to be a jerk. These boys taxes pay for this guy to berate them when they were politely asking for the officer to explain himself. Why do we need to tuck our tail between our legs every time a policeman starts barking out orders to us.

I'm almost tempted to email that cop

and apologize for these kids. You know he's getting heat over that video - and he is definitely getting positive support from ant-RP folks. I'm tempted to weigh in and let him know that most Ron Paul supporters are well- adjusted, law abiding citizens who just want to live in a better America- just like he and his family. It would do our cause a LOT of good if most of the emails this cop gets are positive emails from Ron Paul supporters.

with all due respect

this type of video doesn't generally garner sympathy from the average Joe. It kind of comes off as kids trying to troll a fight. "Oh crap, sorry- didn't mean to cause a blind spot, we can stand over there on the grass though, you say? Cool thanks for all you do! ...oh and here's ya a few Ron Paul bumper stickers- maybe some of the fellas down at the station may want one." Do THAT and the block is YOURS. That cop is going to cut you some slack later. We want good cops voting for Ron Paul, too- and I think that cop had the potential to be a good cop if he was afforded some basic politeness. Now he and all his friends see RP supporters as little dorks who they cant wait to see step out of line. There's enough real brutality out there. It's not necessary to drum up that kind of drama.

Sorry to say but being

Sorry to say but being respectful goes both ways.

The cop certainly could have been nicer but that's not his job, he was reasonable and his request was reasonable right up until the guy asked a provocative question. Now the cop could have shrugged it off and remained more professional but that doesn't mean he was the only one to misbehave.

What is that song at the

What is that song at the beginning?

I don't know, I just found

I don't know, I just found the video and posted it. Sorry