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Limbaugh opposes Uganda invasion (for wrong reasons of course)

I checked up on my least favorite talking head (Rush Limbaugh) to see what he was dumbing down this week, and it turns out that he opposes Obama's military engagement in Central Africa.


The good thing is that Rush is skeptical that the conflict will only involve 100 troops and supposedly last only a short time. He also questioned the allies our military is working with in this conflict.

The bad thing is that Rush opposes the intervention not because the action is unconstitutional or because war is a racket or because we shouldn't be involved in the internal affairs of other nations, Rush is critical of the situation because the Lord's Resistance Army is Christian. Rush is upset that we might be working with Muslim nations to remove the "Christian army" from the battlefield.

So once again he is backwards. It sounded to me like Rush would have been okay with the conflict if our military worked with the LRA against the Muslims, but I'm only inferring this from the text above.

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