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Making the Case for Ron Paul

Recently I have been using Facebook to teach others about Ron Paul and the message of Liberty. My latest discussion was with a man who wanted to know if I would vote for the GOP nominee no matter who it was. I told him that Republicans and Democrats are very much the same any more and that I would only support Ron Paul. Here was the response:

Wayne - Actually, Aaron, your answer is typical of Ron Paul Party supporters. They hold Republican voters in contempt. Yet, Ron Paul (RPP-TX) continues to pretend to be a Republican and try to con Republicans into voting for him in the primary. Did you know that Ron Paul (RPP-TX) has the highest "unfavorable" number among all the other GOP primary candidates?
Aaron - Actually, Wayne, your answer is typical of NeoCon party supporters. They don't want to accept the fact that Ron Paul is the most Republican and actually wants to save our "Republic" and follow the Constitution. Jesus was unfavorable among the Jews "his own people" it really doesn't matter what other people think about him, Ron Paul's near flawless constitutional voting record is unmatched in Washington. Ron Paul a man who truly wants to restore the Republic to it's constitutional foundation. Taft didn't even want to be in NATO. The GOP has lost its way, but Ron Paul has remained consistent.

Wayne - Aaron, you have found your perfect candidate! Good luck!

Some people have an open mind and if you just stick to the basics you can leave a lasting impression.

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