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The Debate is down to THREE: Ron, Dumb & Dumber

Just realized that Cain't is out - whew - we won't have to hear Nein, Nein, Nein till we're ready to hurl.

I commented yesterday, that the "fix" might be to get Huntsman out of the way so that Romboid has the substantial Mormon vote to himself. Do any of you have any ideas as to why this caucus has gone so FUBAR?

BTW, I live here & ran the caucus in my hometown in 2008.


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Several Republican presidential hopefuls are trying to push Nevada into pulling back on its mid-January caucus date, siding with New Hampshire in its showdown with other states over scheduling early primaries and caucuses.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner said Wednesday he is prepared to schedule the first in the nation primary in early December to avoid squeezing between Iowa's caucuses, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 3, and Nevada's caucuses on Jan. 14.

On Thursday, the campaigns of Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann all said they would boycott Nevada unless its caucus date is changed. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul said while they respect New Hampshire's role, they will compete everywhere.

Another longer article with comments:


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my 2 cents

I'm holding my cards on this move. When I saw the caucus changes on the nightly news I had two suppositions about the data.

1. The establishment is rushing to try and shut down the revolution.

2. There are WAY more of us than we even realize even within the state parties nationally and there is a rush to save the Republic.

I am starting to lean towards option two, here's why.

Anyone that knows the full Ron Paul history here in NV will know he won here 4 years ago, but a few key minions at the top of the party illegally blocked it and appointed delegates for McCain. It's reasonable to assume that in the last 4 years, based on statements made to Ron Paul by the WCGOP while he was here for book signing last spring that we have control of the party structure in the state.

The media as we all know and the rest of the general population seem to be quickly finding out are congenital liars, and so the first caucus is really going to set the tone for the party nationally.

I say it's good they dropped out they look like children and the media has from what I've seen been portraying them as such and actually giving the RP camp some kudos for reaffirming NH's right to first in the nation but that boycotting a state was just as immature a behavior as the states jockeying for position. This may also make it harder for them to ignore Ron, or at least that much more obvious that they are in fact criminally trying to influence the electoral process by avoiding him like a vampire to light.

NOW, You Tell Us

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul plan to continue their months-long campaign efforts in Nevada, where they placed first and second, respectively, in 2008. Both have campaign events planned in southern Nevada next week. Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently set up a campaign staff in Nevada and is also expected to compete here.

They tried to ignore second place 4 years ago.

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I think they're boycotting

the debate & the caucus.

Caucus vs. Debate

Did they make the distinction of whether they were planning on boycotting the Nevada Caucus or the upcoming CNN debate? I was under the impression that only Huntsman was boycotting the Oct. 18th debate.

Loved your nicknames for the candidates :)


Looks like down to 3 now.

Looks like down to 3 now. Will the debate even be televised at ALL??

Who dropped out?

I hope it's Parry....

"Will the debate even be televised at ALL??"

They better hope it's not....8)

Could you imagine just Ron Paul, and the Ken dolls?