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Are YOU a Delegate? If not then WHY NOT

Post your questions here on how to do it and what State, etc. Because it is the only chance more important than facebook.

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No, the campaign seems to be blowing us off.

We take it that Ron Paul will not campaign in New York state.

Numerous folks have personally spoke with the campaign concerning getting the delegate action in gear, and our RP delegate attorney from 07', Jim Ostrowski has also not had a response.

This is very disheartening for the people and I can see the fire slowing turning to embers in their eyes.

This is very bad from the campaign.

Is that so?!

The campaign is not coming to New York? Its weird that he would spend time in CA but not NY... I guess I understand that since the primaries are being moved up and the NY primary isn't until April-- but I live in Central NY and I was wondering how to get involved locally. I would also want to be a delegate but the directions I've read so far are vague and unhelpful. Any ideas?

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when did he "spend time in CA"?

only time he came to CA was (1) the Simi Valley debate at the RR Library and (2) CA Straw poll in Los Angeles.

I know that there was a breakfast fundraiser after the debate and that was it.

We are not happy.

You can try calling the campaign...

You know sometimes you just get a vibe, and I sure am getting it. We made formal requests to get the New York state delegate program up and running in mid-August and not a peep from the campaign.

I feel insulted.

Also for more direct info get a hold of libertarin/author Jim Ostrowski and Ron Paul's 07' attorney for NYS.

We seriously still need to push this issue.


Local Parties

Thanks for the info. It is kind of insulting but I guess we have to trust that they're trying to do the right thing in terms of the resources available to them.

I plan to go an alternative route, contacting my local GOP party. Hopefully the more local leadership will be more helpful. Any information I find I will keep you posted, since it'll probably be similar in-state.

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I wouldn't know how to handle getting the GOP involved with RP.

For us, our county GOP are dinosaurs to the max. I wouldn't let them in on any of our strategies.

Is your GOP RP friendly?

Also, having a state page for

Also, having a state page for each delegate process will show more people on FB liking and taking action. Which will solidify herd mentality on this process of becoming a delegate.

I think having a social media

I think having a social media page on FB would help, with corresponding FB state pages.

Promote more about understanding the particular delegate process in a respective person's state is more important to becoming a delegate. The reasoning is, the step to checking it out, will get more people to take that step of education, instead of outright dedicating one's position to some unknown local political arena.

People are more likely to educate than commit right off the bat. Also, while they are educating them, THEN impress upon them to get involved.

Also, have analogies that say NOT educating themselves on their state particulars is like waving a flag and not meaning it. You have to challenge the diehards that are only online followers.

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