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Is libertine sex & skydiving too hot to handle for the FAA?

Apperently so.

What two adult employees of a skydiving company did, may certainly involve the planes owner, but the FAA?

Give me a break!

As porn videos go, it is not so "explicit" (fails to show penetration - that's left to your imagination) but I think the Katie Perry song works well with the tandem jump. Other than seeing a topless girl in free-fall with a happy "instructor" behind her, the "sex" is all implied but as they say, it COULD be real... Nevertheless, now the Federal Government FAA seems to think its their business.

Read article here:


Watch video at your own "risk" here: http://smashing-tech.com/alex-torres-skydiving-sex-video-faa...

After watching the video, and knowing its going viral, I just wish the parachute read "Ron Paul 2012".

In peace and liberty,

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