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Edvard Kleinbard on Alan Colmes Radio Show talking 9-9-9

Edvard Kleinbard was on the Alan Colmes Radio Show this friday (October 14th) talking about Cain´s 9-9-9 plan and how WRONG it is. Please listen from a different point of view.


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The media - old and new, has

The media - old and new, has been tearing 999 to shreds.

Employers won't be able to deduct their labor costs!!!

What I pay out to my employees is a huge deduction....

The 999 plan really is the 666 plan, because when you add it all up you get a 45% tax.

4+5 = 9


The devil is literally in the details.

Christian conservative republican voters will not be conned by a man named Cain with a 999 plan.

Herman Cain or Mitt Romney? A devil incarnate with 999 on his forehead, or a Mormon Yankee?

Mitt Romney did not win a single southern state primary election in the 2008 race.

Southern Baptists dominate the South, and Mormons do not mix very well politically. Mormons say that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, and Southern Baptists strongly disagree to say the least...

The South will determine the GOP nomination.

South Carolina is more important than many people think.

One thing is for sure...Ron Paul is now in the process of energizing a HUGE base of Christian conservative voters.

Word of mouth travels far, and it's the best form of advertising.

Come election time, conservative republican voters will be offered three choices.

or...Ron Paul

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.