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Ron Paul's "Broken Clock" Problem is No Problem

It's really refreshing to see so much support for Dr. Paul. Many of us who have supported Ron Paul since 2007 (or earlier) actually view him as our president. What I find most appealing about Dr. Paul is that he makes me want to know more about government, philosophy, economics, and history. He makes me want to know what I'm talking about rather than relying on the media or professors to tell me what's going on.

Of course, this is something that should have happened long ago, but I was satisfied with the indoctrination I received in public schools. I don't blame my teachers; most of them tried their very hardest to teach the most they could within the confines of a centrally planned curriculum designed to appeal to the "lowest common denominator" and create young "patriotic" Americans who were satisfied with food, shelter, water, and entertainment. And, unfortunately, cause those same students to rally behind the flag, go overseas, and fight the Axis of Evil. I was such a young man. I left for the United States Army two days after graduating high school. It was peaceful, then, but that all changed on September 11, 2001, as you all know. Soon, plans were being made for Afghanistan, then Iraq, and, in 2003, my unit and I deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I remember sitting in my office, thousands of miles away from my new bride, and thinking about what a waste of time the war in Iraq was. But, I also remember having nothing but contempt in my heart for those who protested the war because they weren't there! Truthfully, I wasn't even "there" because Kuwait quit being a combat zone one week after the initial invasion.

The point I'm making, if there is one to be made, is that it wasn't until 2007 when I saw something about Dr. Paul on the internet that I began to wake up and realize that everything I assumed I had been "fighting" for was wrong. The words of Dr. Paul made me realize that the United States of America is NOT its government or its president or its corporations, but its people and not the select few who believed in my same God, shared my same skin color, or agreed with me on the same controversial issues, but all of them. It wasn't until I realized what the message of freedom and the meaning of the rule of law meant that I was able to reject many of the prejudices I had and let go of the hatred in my heart I had for political opponents. It was no longer about left or right; black or white. It was about right and wrong and we, as Americans, have been traveling down the wrong path for so long! It's absolutely discouraging, yet our people are still satisfied if they're fed, watered, sheltered, clothed, and entertained. They're still being led to slaughter and won't realize it until it's too late.

I often wonder how different our nation would be right now had Dr. Paul been placed in the White House in 1988 or if his congressional colleagues had followed his lead and consulted the Constitution in matters relating to the economy, foreign policy, and personal liberties. The more of his statements I read, the more videos I watch, and the more I dig into Dr. Paul's past, the more I'm convinced that he has been right all along. Many from the left and the right will use cliched statements about his predictions over the years saying, "Broken clocks are right twice a day" or something along those lines, but even if he was only right twice a day, that's a whole lot of rightness since he embraced public life in 1971 and, I would argue, he's been right about the most important issues we face today.

He's predicted blowback time and time again. He takes to the House floor warning his colleagues about putting troops here or imposing sanctions there and, then, Americans are shocked that an embassy, ship, building, or base was bombed. He's predicted our financial problems his entire career! What are Americans worried about? The economy and terrorism. Shouldn't we listen to the one man who has consistently understood the problems before the problems were even evident?

It makes me sick to see my friends and family members continue to play the party games, the color games, all games they play based on fear, hate, and irresponsibility. To support puppet candidates, corporate interests, and an approach to government that will surely lead to us all falling "united" and finding ourselves digging out of a hole that the United States of America should have never been in.

This is my first time to post on the forum and will probably be my last. But, I am encouraged to see so many people waking up to Dr. Paul's message as well. I just hope that we'll take Ron Paul's example and use it to learn more about the world around us. I hope that we'll be able to stand for our principles with principle and that our knowledge and ability to engage in PEACEFUL, CIVIC discourse will wake more and more Americans up to the potential we all could reach if we accepted the responsibilities that accompany free societies. Thank you for reading and continuing to support liberty, freedom, and our future.

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Great post!!

Thanks! :-)

I hope this post gets shared widely on Facebook...

and everywhere. In 2008 I was fanatic. In 2011 I'm still fanatic and yearning for people to at least start talking about the issues Ron Paul brings to the table. I do think they are talking about them more. Deteriorating conditions are certainly helping in this regard. Although I think it has improved from '08 to now, I still stand amazed at how closed the American mind tends to be. The American mind, the one that is supposed to be free, has undergone a severe conditioning and the sharing of sentiments like those expressed above is a great thing. Thank you for posting!

Thank you

Like many others here, I echo their sentiments of thanks for your dedication and service. Also, I'd like to leave you with this image which I found horribly a) humorous, b) truthful, and c) depressing. You have your definitions of it as well. In peace and liberty, I wish you the best.


Your thoughtful sentiments touched my heart

and I will thank you for your service to our country to the best of my ability by doing everything within my power to elevate Rep. Ron Paul to PRESIDENT RON PAUL.

PS Please don't stop posting. Words such as yours rouse us from our complacency.

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

Great post!

You echo my sentiments exactly and your "awakening" was almost exactly like mine (minus the service in the military). Welcome to land of the Red Pill, brother! And I mean it ... "brother" .... :)

Thank you

I sincerely do thank each of you for reading this and commenting. I'm just a former soldier who is entirely sick of what our country's becoming and can't, not for the life of me, understand why Dr. Paul's not our president.

I wish you all the best.

Former soldier, future teacher, and concerned American

certainly worth a bump, whether...

...it's the man's only post or not.

Speaking of which... I wonder how many (100's... 1,000's ??) are here lurking and as thoughtful and circumspect as this...

Michael Nystrom???

I hope it's not the last time you post here!

One of the best comments I've read here or anywhere for that matter.

BMWJIM's picture

Semper Fi my Brother! Once I

waas lost, and then I was found. Amaaaaazzzzing Grace, how sweeeet thaaaa sound., Thaat found, aaaa wretch, like meee!

I was once lost and then I found rightousness in my fellow man. It took the good doctor and the Daily Paul to show me the importance of life, family, and friends I've never met. The country is really smaller than we know. I love you my brother.

Don't stop posting, for you may be the one WORD necessary to give freedom back to the citizens of this country. I and many others will be there with you.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

A clock that is always an

A clock that is always an hour early or an hour late will always be wrong.

Please do not...

Please do not make it your last.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I loved your story and really

I loved your story and really hope it is not the last time you post. Even just a small comment keeps stuff on top for others to see, and I hope others make some on this because it is a well-written and heartfelt post.

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Constitution Coach?

Are you possibly part of the Keagle family of Iowa? Only ask because of your user name.
I too wonder about 1988.

"I often wonder how different our nation would be right now had Dr. Paul been placed in the White House in 1988 or if his congressional colleagues had followed his lead and consulted the Constitution in matters relating to the economy, foreign policy, and personal liberties. The more of his statements I read, the more videos I watch, and the more I dig into Dr. Paul's past, the more I'm convinced that he has been right all along."

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Woot Woot!

For the C.C. in Iowa! ;)


Here's a Ron Paul clock that runs GREAT!

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story.....GO RON PAUL....2012!

Great Post!

Thank you for your service, and more importantly your actions after waking up!

Semper Fi