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Ron Paul: The Economic Benefits of Bringing Our Troops Home

I have heard many people say that with our economy in turmoil that brining home nearly a million troops would be disastrous to our unemployment. That somehow having our troops overseas is economically beneficial, ignoring the obvious costliness of the war. This notion is derived from the negligence of the arguer only looking at one side of the process, that is, soldiers being turned loose on the labor market.

Take into consideration the hundreds of billions we spend on these wars per year. This money doesn’t come into existence from thin air; it’s taken from the tax payers. Now as long as the government does not intervene by trying to provide compensation for the soldiers through taxing the people, the taxpayers retain more wealth than previously. This means that the taxpayers have additional funds to spend on products, food and businesses. This creates demand and ultimately higher productivity, more workers are needed. This process, as history shows, is rather fast.

Once demand puts the soldiers (now civilians) back to work, they not only become self-supporting they, with a steady paycheck, begin consuming more and the need for production rises further. Higher overall productive output results in increased national wealth. That said, we would be in a much better economic state after our troops come home.

This is a blog entry that I made to combat the argument about not having enough work for our troops if we brought them home. Some say it would be a burden.

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its never been clearly explained from all aspects.

the troops come home to ???..I hope ron paul will delve into the depths of the short and long term of it all when he outlines his trillion plan this week..please speak in specifics ron ..

I think you left out a LOT.

I think you left out a LOT. First, bringing troops HOME does not mean they are abruptly kicked out of their military service. We will be opening more bases, beefing up our defense and reusing our National Guard like we are supposed to.
Second, after a brief shock, there will be many more jobs. All these people coming back may need housing, but certainly will need food and clothing and beer and lawnmowers and such. Many businesses can expand in order to meet demands.
Third, the constant drain on our resources will do what you mentioned perhaps allowing more research into alternative fuel, etc.

THIS should be made into an ad

I do not expect him to stand down on anything, or even be quiet, my point about the other ad was the TIMING - that when an ad like this would have a uniting effect with the people in the street, they ran that one instead.
THIS is where right, left and the rest of the world can support his ideas.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I know! His "life" ad

I know! His "life" ad should've came out during the ames straw poll.

The obvious ad he SHOULD'VE made...? economics

expand the article

This topic could be useful for magazine format. An expanded article could be submitted to Barron's:
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Kill the Unemployed

Or, you could suggest that the unemployed be drafted for hazardous duty, in order to solve the unemployment problem.

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omg lol

omg lol

It's pretty simple... Have

It's pretty simple...

Have them spend their money here. Or have our military service members spend their money over there.

Which would you prefer?

During my time in the service, it was quite common to see a young Sailor or Marine buy a new Mustang, or Silverado Truck after being away for a year.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.