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I just attended a local Occupy rally!

I have some good and some bad experiences to tell you all about my local Oregon Occupy rally. First the good. I was standing near the back with my Ron Paul sign under my arm and my RP button on my sweatshirt when a guy came up because he noticed who I supported. He told me that he was an Iraq Army veteran and was a Ron Paul supporter. I shook his hand, thanked him for his service, and then told him he should join our local meetup group! Hope he does! I also talked to some nice leftists who actually considered my thoughts about how the libertarian right and civil-liberty left should join together on issues like ending the wars and personal liberty. As for the bad. This weird dude came up to me because he saw my RP sign. He had a cardboard sign that said something like democracy now. He proceeded to get confrontational saying that he had already run some Ron Paul supporters off beacause this movement wasn't for us. I told him that he wasn't going to run me off because this is a free country! I tried and tried to reason with him on the banks, corporate control, and the wars, but he just wasn't listening. I couldn't even get him to explain what his positions were. Basically he just wanted to argue with any point I made because he didn't have any of his own. I told him that I don't want to run his life so why do I bother him. Finally I just said I don't want to talk to you anymore because you aren't explaining what you want to do with this country and I moved away from him because it was hopeless. Yikes! Besides that incident, it was an overall success because the soldiers support made my day! Peace.

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Way to go!

All the states in the West - Oregon, Washington, California - are pretty locked up heavily as blue states. They didn't even wait for the vote counts to reach there before claiming Obama won this is so well known.

The interesting thing is Ron Paul is the one Republican that could actually win huge amounts of support there. As I've said before our hardest challenge is winning the Republican nomination. I like our chances in the general election very much.

blue republicans

Their friends are doing it.


Roccupying Portland, YEAH!

THANK YOU for going, and for standing your ground, and for sharing your experience. In the 99%, you will find all types... and of course, provocateurs exist. I have set my "agenda" to try to raise awareness whenever I see someone acting in ignorance, and if they choose to learn, AWESOME. If they choose to remain in ignorance, I will defend their right to do so by taking my intelligence out of their company.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

That's what I'm talking about.

Thanks so much for posting.

You went, you engaged people, you made a difference.

Don't worry about the one crazy dude. There are crazy people in any group.

Thanks for your courage to STAND UP.

Thank you everyone!

My local meetup hasn't gotten off the ground yet and I've felt like the lone voice of liberty here lately. The Daily Paul is my home and I love all of you. Hey SirFelix remember when you and I were pushing a Paul/Ventura ticket back in the day? We didn't want to give up the fight in 08! Let's all get active, hit the streets, stand strong, and express our opinions calmly so that we don't lose those individuals who are unsure what they stand for. Liberty will prevail in 2012!!!


Yeah I remember the days of the Paul/Ventura ticket.

I pledge to you that I will be hitting the streets, and have been hitting the streets.

I hope to have my son video my next venture for the Constitution.

Stay tuned, next week, same time same channel, for some Liberty in action.