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I Believe This is the Correct Site to File a Complaint/Lawsuit with your TV Broadcaster


If we email bomb or phone bomb them, they might get the networks to smarten up???
Any thoughts??

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Several Thoughts

1. I took the pledge to join the Libertarian Party, which states that I don't advocate the initiation of force as a means of social or political change. Additionally, I defend our right to speech. So, do I really want to ask the government to force the networks to change their speech?

2. "Going through channels" is important because on one likes to be blind-sided without having a chance to change or respond. They get defensive instead of receptive. So, wouldn't it make sense to speak to them, through the proper channels, about their policy goals and priorities and whether what they're doing serves them?

3. These networks have social networking and other websites. Maybe approaching them through that channel will work. You could also try sending them critiques by snail-mail. They do have people in their organizations who get paid to care about their reputations for accuracy.

4. Make friends with the reporters, etc. I still think that it may well be they don't all know how they're being used, perhaps by press releases from the GOP and others. Some of them would resent it.

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