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I Like The Odds - Conservative GOP Voters Have a Choice Between 999, 666, or Ron Paul

Herman Cain delivered over 4,000 pizzas. Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies.

Does anyone seriously believe that conservative Christian voters will back a man named Cain with 999 tattooed on his forehead?

I don't.

Christian conservative voters have the potential to DOMINATE the upcoming primary/caucus elections.

Why associate Mitt Romney with 666?


This is a Mormon website, btw....

"In essence, Lucifer is not only the brother of Jesus, but he is also the brother of all mankind. This connection has been made many times by LDS leadership when discussing the LDS doctrine of the “war in heaven.”


Southern Baptists STRONGLY disagree with the Mormon faith...and it shows.

Mitt Romney did not win a single southern state primary/caucus election in 2008.

Not a single state in the south.

These are not my political opinions, these are just the facts.

Herman Cain's 999 plan is being dismantled by the new and old media....he hitched his political wagon to a single star, and now he's got a broken wagon, and a broken mule in the form of his Federal Reserve/Alan Greenspan endorsement.

Mitt Romney's 666 plan centers around Obamacare, and abortion - Romney has a brutal record when it comes to protecting LIFE. At first he war for it, now he's against it. Makes John Kerry look like a "moderate," flip flopper.

Who was in third place in October of 2007?

John McCain....the old war veteran, who ran before.

History has its way of repeating itself.