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Mitt Romney AD is Touching All The Important Issues

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If it gives someone a

seizure I wonder how much money the romney camp will lose in the lawsuit

Ummmm, I really have no comment

It leaves me speechless...

That was POWERFUL!

The man is a true philosopher. I had to watch it twice to even begin to understand the complexities of Romney's grasp of the issues. Simply Amazing.
"USA, jobs, jobs, babies!"

Ya. It said nothing but said

Ya. It said nothing but said it in a powerful "9-9-9" way. Sheeple will bleat their approval.

How can Ron Paul compete with that?

Amazing Ad showing how humble intelligent and caring Romney is. I'm most impressed with how Romney's positions on jobs economy and big Gov't spending were laid out there. I may just have to change my party affiliation to RINO so I can vote for this guy.


all about personality--

very high school.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ok, folks I want NO negative comments on this ad

Wouldn't it be good for us for them to use this ad? LOL