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Gotta tell ya what just happened on Pogo

I just joined it again, have not been a member since last election and my character's name is Ronpaul4ever (figuring I may need it again someday). Anyway, I am in a room with like 20 people playing this game and someone says "9-9-9 Ron".. haha..well this started it. In between playing and only being able to give short answers, all these things got said by this person and no one else spoke.
I do not like his foreign policy, he is unelectable, how could we afford info-structure with no income tax, lots of pro cain stuff I was refuting and among my answers I informed e1 of his economic plan coming out Monday, that you can google some of his foreign policy speeches, that he will be in a debate Tues, that he won the CA straw poll and lots more, and a host of other things. The person ended up saying, well, I like santorum and newt is really smart..lol..I almost refuted cain to her completely. My answer to her that he was unelectable the first time was," I am if you don't vote for me", and that is when I talked about the CA straw poll and the fact he is never on the news which should tell her something. She was very dissatisfied with the big mess we are in, and so when she mentioned Cain and Santorum I said "Nah, you are too dissatisfied to vote for THEM".
Anyway, it was hard, but fun, and no one else said a word so they were all reading it. Pogo is pretty democratic oriented, but this
was really pretty thrilling. :) You can use my name if you want, BTW, or one like it on any gaming site you choose..:)