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Just realized through a blog that Ron Paul would be the 45th POTUS. This might be a great marketing tool. Maybe the name Paul associated with the number 45 on all kinds of media (signs, web, etc) would peak the interest of the less involved to research who is "Paul 45". Sometimes it's the simple things that resonate with the masses. I do belieive that most of us here do not represent the average voter - that's why we're here! Maybe we (including the campaign) need to connect to the masses through simple means. END THE FED means alot to us but can scare off those who don't understand but still vote. 45 in simple terms means we expect the end of BHO as 44 and expect PAUL to be the 45th POTUS. Nothing less.

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If he wins, I want him to

If he wins, I want him to trademark the saying:

"The Election heard around the world."

Union, Union County, NJ