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Undercover police arrests customers at Citibank for closing account


Captured from the live stream.
The protesters may have been and probably were causing noise, but as for the young lady, was that in any way lawful?
That is very 1984... Guilt by assumed association.

The man in the window looks like something out of Children of Men... And the heavyset fellow with the pink bludgeon stick looks like some kind of 1984 character.

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i would have knocked out that undercover cop.

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Any lawyers here want to help me out with this?

I can certainly understand the likelihood these protesters all went in at once, caused a disturbance, was asked to leave and then refused. In this case I side with the bank.

However, the woman outside clearly either complied with the banks demand she leave or perhaps was not part of the crowd and left on her own volition.

My question is this: What law has she broken and under what authority do the police have a right to grab her off the street and drag her back (allegedly) inside the building?

I'm being serious, I really want to know.

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Don't close it...

Leave in $1, then they have to send you statements every month at 43 cents each. ;-)

Are you sure?

When Chase took over WaMu I withdrew all my funds, leaving $5 for reasons I can't remember. In the first month I was wiped out with a service charge for insufficient funds. I believe I received a couple warning letters before they sent the last one informing me my account had been closed due to no funds and lack of account activity.

However, here's a dirty little trick you can do... Walk into the bank or anywhere else you find those credit card applications with the postage paid return. Grab a stack. Get a cardboard shipping box. Throw in your old shoes, broken toaster oven and that jazzercise VHS cassette you're never going to watch etc. - The more heavier the better.

Next, close and seal the box. Then slap that self-addressed postage-paid mailer on and send it on its way, with no return address. There, you stuck it to the banks and cleared out your closest all in one step.

**Disclaimer: I've not tried this myself and therefore don't even know if the post office will send it. But it sure sounds like fun and worth looking into.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Sounds like a new campaign

People should rush in to open accounts and leave the buck in there like you mentioned lol

just the processing of all those statements :P


According to witnesses, they made a disturbance at the bank

They were acting very protesterly like.

“[The protesters] all went in a big flash mob to close their accounts," said Adrielle Slaugh,a 24-year-old office manager who saw the clash. "There were about 30 of them. They were screaming and chanting while they were going in. Security told them to leave, but they didn’t. They stood in a group chanting things to the tellers. There were locked in, and then they were taken away.”

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/occupy_protesters_spruce_...

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What the heck was that? Did this woman do anything before the video started? ie. breach of the peace ...if not...is that not kidnapping?


Damn Damn Damn Double Damn

If you can't swear about this then hell is the place for me. Because undercover police who should be arresting the big boys are big brother. I'm P*SDKH)(@) ed off like i've never been, this is the last straw


I'm FD898897ing done with dealing with the devil. I'm F((ing done with it!

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