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A possible wirte-up to print out and take to Occupy protests.

Here is one possible write up to take to Occupy protests to help those angry, but confused about the source of their malaise.

Format it as you choose, alter it, improve it. I choose this topic because clearly the anger of the Occupiers is being directed at Wall Street and banks because of the bailout without many understanding the much bigger issue.

I also have this in an unformated text file which you can import into your word processor.


Here it is:

How is it that so many people are suffering economically while a small portion enjoy considerable wealth? While some people with wealth have earned it honestly, many others have gained their wealth with loaded dice. They have bought politicians and had laws passed that rig the markets in their favor at the expense of the majority.

One of the laws that is fleecing the public is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. A few major banks pushed for this law, which has given us a money system based on debt rather than one based on the real assets, gold and silver.

You need to understand how money comes into existence to understand how you are being fleeced. In 1932 at the bottom of the last depression the M2 money supply was $50 billion and today it is $9,516. M2 money supply is essentially currency in circulation, checking account balances and CD plus savings account balances. From where did this money come? It was created out of thin air and loaned out to the public (individuals, businesses and government), with interest being paid to the banks by the borrowers. If you want to buy a car, your local bank will add to the balance of your checking account and have you sign a note payable to them at interest. The note you sign becomes an asset of the bank while the amount they add to your checking account becomes their liability. You then write a check to the car dealer, and you have become an indentured servant of the bank, yet they gave you something they created by bookkeeping entry, out of thin air.

How do the banks manage to do this? Don't they need to pay the car dealer? Each commercial bank keeps its own checking account at the Federal Reserve Bank (or some upstream bank that keeps an account at the Federal Reserve Bank). These checking accounts are called Commercial Bank Reserves, which is why the Federal Reserve Bank has “reserve” in its name. The Federal Reserve Bank (which is privately owned) manages the amount of reserves the Commercial banks have by buying debts of the federal government with their own version of creating money out of thin air. They create a checking account balance for the federal government and the government gives them bonds or t-bills. When the federal government writes checks to pay its obligations these checks go to commercial banks which then increase the balance of the Commercial bank that it has at the Federal Reserve Bank. Have I lost you yet?

It is the constant increasing of government debts and the corresponding reserve balances at the Federal Reserve Bank that give rise to the ability of Commercial banks to loan out so much newly created money. Debt is at the root of this system, so it is no wonder that debt levels have risen to such gargantuan proportions. Debt has killed the US and World economy and jobs right along with it. It is so that banks can fleece you that this system exist. Debt is one of the invisible chains of your slavery. But not only does all this new money being loaned out at interest fleece those paying the interest, but when new money is created and spent it drives up prices. It destroys the value of the money supply. It causes economic booms, but as the effect of this new money is absorbed by the economy, things slow down. The debt must be repaid, so when principal and interest is repaid, it places a drag on economic activity. Those managing this unstable, unsustainable, unconstitutional, corrupt monetary system, for example Ben Bernanke and his predecessor Alan Greenspan, try to keep it from collapsing by speeding up or slowing down the rate of expansion of money, but we are finally reaching a point where it is becoming unmanageable and no matter how hard they press the accelerator, the economy keeps contracting under the weight of the debt. (Notice that Herman Cain, one of the Presidential candidates is a former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, up to his eyeballs in this corrupt system.)

We are near a point where the system will collapse under the weight of all the debt it created to enslave you.

What is Constitutional money? In the original draft of the US Constitution Congress was give the authority to coin money and regulate the value thereof, and to issue bills of credit (paper money). But after debate, the authority to issue bills of credit was deleted and in the final draft Congress was only given the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof. The States in a separate provision of the Constitution were prohibited from coining money, issuing bills of credit or making anything but gold and silver coins legal tender. The obvious intent was that Congress would run the US mint and have them mint gold and silver coins and that they would have a standard (regulated) amount of gold and silver in them. The States were to allow only gold and silver coins to be legal tender for payment of debts.

The Founding Fathers of the US had seen the problem when the Continental Congress had issued bills of credit that drove up prices and then became worthless. They were aware of the experience of some of the Colonies with issuing bills of (scrip) which caused booms and bust and eventually because partly or wholly worthless, cheating those who held them.

The recent bailout of the banks and Wall Street is small compared to the fleecing by banks you have experienced since 1913 under the fraudulent money system the Federal Reserve Act brought you.

The answer is to end the Federal Reserve Bank by repealing the Federal Reserve Act, and go back to the honest monetary system of gold and silver coins coupled with the requirement that banks maintain 100% gold and silver reserves in their vaults against deposit liabilities.

Ron Paul has consistently fought the Federal Reserve Bank and this fraudulent system, and deserves your support to restore freedom to us all, taking away the privilege granted to the banks to run this counterfeit money scam.

There are quite a number of other rig jobs in the economy that fleece the public. Another example is the management of drugs by the federal government under the Pure Food and Drug Act. The FDA decides what drugs are allowed and what are not, supposedly to protect the public, but the public is hardly protected from ineffective or dangerous drugs and the prices become monopoly prices because only government approved drugs are allowed into the market. Essentially the FDA and the DEA make war on the public to prevent people from deciding on what drugs they choose. Even vitamins and raw milk are becoming the subject of government control over your decisions.

People need to wake up and understand that they have become slaves and that government and special interests have become masters. The way to escape slavery is to recognize it and its causes and to recognize that government has become the promoter of this slavery. The answer is to reduce government to an absolute minimum level, not to demand more government to solve the problems that they have created. You own yourself and should not be bled dry to serve the opulent lives of your rulers, both the elected ones and the ones who pull their strings.

There was a reason that Thomas Jefferson told us that the best government is that which governs least. Again Ron Paul is the only politician on the Presidential scene today who believes in freedom, who will end all these wars of empire and bring our troops home, yet who favors real national defense. He is the only one who understands the monetary system and who will move us away from the plunder and control system of Federal Reserve Money.

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Dont forget these people are sacrificeing

There well being and putting their very lives on hold the least we can do is buy um a pizza.

Sounds like the old idea that the way to a man's heart is

through his stomach.

Good though.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.