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T-shirt Bomb

This might be posted in the wrong forum but oh well lol...
Good news from Las Vegas. I went out to Lowes, the motorcycle shop and gas station today and about 10 people commented on or asked questions about my RP Revolution t-shirt! Impressive considering I was out only about an hour and a half! At Lowe's there were about 4-5 who said 'nice shirt' or 'where'd you get your shirt?' I kindly thanked them and referred them to ronpaul2012.com and dailypaul.com. At the motorcycle shop was the best part. The owner saw my shirt and asked if he (Ron) had a shot in hell. After gathering my thoughts for a second(its the first time i've been asked in public like that! The shop had a few customers in there, and they all turned to us. So I was kind of nervous lol) I replied 'absolutely! Don't you?' He went on to say how he noticed that the media ignores him and said that he liked the guy but thinks he won't get elected. So I asked him how business was going for him(most likely isn't going too well considering the economy in Vegas is one the worst in the country) . Then I added, 'you know, he's never voted to raise taxes. Matter of fact, he wants to end income taxes. Imagine how much more capital the businesses around town would have have, how much more money the people would have to save and spend and how much more business you would have.' He kind of looked at me funny lol. Then said 'you're probably right.' And again, I referred him and the shop worker to ronpaul2012.com and dailypaul.com.

So question is, do people already organize RP t-shirt days? I think if a couple thousand people wear a RP shirt on a given day, maybe hand out a type of RP business card or even a DVD, the response would be huge! Thoughts??

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Yes, it is good exposure.