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So, you don't want an economy then?

We are selling our Ron Paul "billboard" t-shirts and too many people state that they want it for free.

I say, "Free? Ah, so yo don't want an economy then."

This works very well. I had two people immediately go, "Right, your right."

So that is how I am getting a message across concerning a core problem with not only our economy but the frame of mind Americans have "adopted".

It's a conversation starter and it works.

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according to Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain...

...it's their own danged fault they have to ask for freebies, since they "refuse" to get up off their arses and get a job ;-)

I see nothing wrong with asking for something free

in a voluntary marketplace exchange.

I'd probably counter such a request with "I can't give the shirts away, but if you buy three, I'll throw in a mug or some bumperstickers at no additional charge.".

"Free" is one of the most powerful concepts in marketing - use it to your advantage.

Right now tony we just dont have an economy

People are just to broke to even buy a t-shirt.Cant blame um for asking.