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Landslide-Paul takes NH Young Republican Straw Poll

Something we already know, Paul has an energized and enthusiastic following among the younger voters. This is encouraging and at the least gives me great hope for the future. May we never lose the Spirit of Liberty that Ron Paul has ignited for our time and all time. Here is the link...


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I thought this happened in

I thought this happened in August..?

This is GREAT!!

Sorry, but I was soo happy to know Cain was there and he still got 5%. LOL

New Hampshire



if all of those OLD republicans would..... disappear.


to August 20, 2011.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

yeah, I know...I was thinking..."NH had another one?"


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pretty sad, gary johnson was

pretty sad, gary johnson was there and only got 6%

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

But it was good...

to see him best Cain's 5%!