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We Will Ruin Your Day RNC

Pardon me for my frustration, but I just came across another pro-Cain video on a website full of neocons and I have to vent. They are blinded from his federal reserve career and can't look past the catchy title of his "999" economic plan...which, in all likelihood (unless they're rich), they will suffer from.

The more I see, the more I just think about how much I want the RNC to suffer if they don't nominate Ron Paul. I for one, will write Ron Paul in if I have to. I intend on sending the message to the RNC (hopefully in force) that I/we will not vote for their mainstream candidate any longer. That we will ensure them a loss by writing Ron Paul in and wasting our vote. We will send them a message. If you want mainstream, we'll give you mainstream! However, we won't give you the one you want. After all, mainstream repubs and dems are the exact same. Did Obama not continue with many of the same policies that Bush did? We will not trust these liars any more! Both sides are one in the same.

Ron Paul is the only one you can nominate who stands a chance to win. Not only will you have the die hard supporters who will vote for him no matter what, but you'll have the independents who come around to his message, either whole-heartedly or half-heartedly. Then, you'll have those mainstream sheeple who vote for party no matter what and maybe even a few democrats will cross lines. This is your only chance at winning.

Any other candidate and you will only have the sheeple, few independents, and that's it. You will not have the "10+%" of RP supporters and unfortunately for you, that's what you need to win. So good luck winning an election without that.

I've been a republican for all of my voting life and after having my eyes opened to liberty...I can no longer fall for the establishment tricks. I will not vote for who you want me to. I will not listen to your propaganda. I will not trust one group to tell me what's right. I will look to see what the constitution says. It will guide me to the right person if they govern by it. I will look for liberty and for the candidate who offers to break these chains of bondage. I will look for a candidate who will break these chains that have held a group of us in captivity to the RNC...these chains that have kept a nation in captivity under their ever expanding policies. Maybe not now, maybe not a year from now, but we will be free one day.

Hear us out RNC...nominate any other candidate other than Ron Paul and you will lose and we will ruin your day.

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I'm tellin' ya..the BEST

I'm tellin' ya..the BEST think you can do is go to one of your LOCAL GOP meetings and give them this speech or one real close to it. You need to make them CARE on a local level, because Nationally, they want Obama or Clinton, anyway. Why do u think they ran John McCain last time? They need to know that the local parties are not having their "pick" this time.

I have been registered

I have been registered republican all of my voting life as well. If Ron Paul is not the nominee I will vote for whomever he supports, or not at all. And I guess this will be my last time to vote as well. So I do hope the GOP wises up and sees that we are not just party voters.

Formerly rprevolutionist


If the GOP doesn't nominate Ron Paul I hope they fall.Our party can rise quicker than theirs just with the truth alone.Love to see the GOP end up being a third or even fourth party.Same for Dems.Make the Constitution or /and Libertarian Party new main parties.lol

Become a delegate and go to

Become a delegate and go to your caucus.

I told a friend just

I told a friend just yesterday after he asked who I was supporting for president, which he knew is Ron Paul, so he said, other than Ron Paul. I said that I will only support Dr. Paul and I wont vote otherwise. I also told him that after this election if Dr. Paul isn't nominated I will never vote again. I'm a member of the Libertarian Party, and maybe in the future they will have a viable offer for me, but as it stand today, I will only support the good Dr.

fo real

Not that I didn't know, but I'm glad to receive even more confirmation that I'm not alone in this. I think after RP is out of politics for good, I think some politicians have been formed from this movement and we can expect to see the libertarian movement progress over time. I feel extremely confident we will see new people from this movement who will run for congress and local gov't positions on the libertarian ticket. So I know you'll vote again :)

IF you are for RP

"I'm a member of the Libertarian Party"

For a few months, change your registration to Republican and really get involved. You can make a difference locally. Go to your monthly county GOP meeting.

We might as well go 3rd party after this

If they wont let a true republican get elected then this party is NOT for us. I think we could get our party HUGE in 4-8 years but who knows where the economy would even be by then but odds are too far gone.

I can't vote for obama over a republican (I have written about the idea and it just doesn't make enough sense because they LOVE obama and he isn't any better with the military and actually starting MORE wars than even mccain would have) and I won't vote for any republican unless it is Ron Paul.

After that then I will write Ron Paul in or vote 3rd party if someone worth voting for was running. I think Ron Paul deserves our vote even if he asks us to vote for someone else. He endorsed last go around and I voted WITH ron on that one, this time it has to be Ron Paul.

I believe he is going to win this time. The economy is so far gone and it is finally hitting people in THEIR pockets so people are FINALLY paying attention.

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I agree with all of this, only problem is....

....rather than make the RNC sad, this makes them jump for joy.

You see... just like in '08 (did their putting up RINO macInsane as sacrificial lamb give a clue?) their PREFERRED candidate is, that's right, B. Hussein Osama.


Haha...you might have a point.

Yes I do, and...

...this time I am joining y'all in WRITING in Dr. Paul (went Chuck Baldwin last time) if not the nominee. Who knows?? Maybe Doc gets THIRTY FOUR percent in every state and cruises to a write-in "landslide." (Am I allowed to dream??)

heck yeah

you're allowed to dream. That would be amazing and I think about that often. Lord willing, he will get the nomination though and we won't have to worry about it!